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  1. loose_unit

    Ownership Verified: Teslas everywhere ... But never a red one!

    So after buying a VW Bora that then got flooded ... I bought another VW Bora (Sorry, no thread for either) which in a year I have invested around €7000 in repairs and maintenance it is still shit and has issues... I got to a point where that money is enough to pay a years worth of loan on...
  2. loose_unit

    Ownership Verified: The horse has bolted. Meet the Pferdchen!

    So, the story goes that I am driving too many KMs in my 140i ... And every time I drive I am concerned about how much extra it is going to cost me, so I set a limit on the kms (52,000) meaning I have about 2500kms left to enjoy the 140. So, I started looking for a reasonably priced daily driver...
  3. loose_unit

    Allez les francaises? Meet Monsieur Sumsemann! A real Pluriel!

    Hey, look! Somebody on the forums actually a car with one of the worst soft top roofs in the world! Meet Monsieur Sumsemann! I actually had a go of taking the roof completely off, but in the end I ran out of motivation: So far so good! It has done 150,000kms, it's a 1.6 with...
  4. loose_unit

    Ownership Verified: Something something bluemotion something BMW. It's not a 116i.

    So, I guess I can post it here now that I have it. My new Daily, BMW M140i! It's a lease which is a somewhat stupid financial descision, I know. But what ever, I end up with a 340ps 500nm car to play with for 3 years :) I added a shitload of options to see what kind of a deal I could get...
  5. loose_unit

    Ownership Verified: The Waft-O-Matic fat man car. Meet Sumo, Loose Units E39 523i

    1996 BMW E39 523i. I wasn't looking for a car and got a few pics and a message about this one - I almost dismissed it but decided to ask for the price... ?1k eur was the answer... Well, I had better check it out then! So I did, and for that price the answer was apparently, yes! The...
  6. loose_unit

    Ownership Verified: Loose loses logic and accidentally a 1999 Honda VFR 800 FI

    So, I had decided to buy one towards the end of winter - Since I owned my VFR 400 RR in New Zealand (PIC PIC PIC) I had been lusting after VFR 750's and VFR 800's. Now I have settled down a bit in Germany, paid off a bunch of things and have a new job that pays a bit of extra money and...
  7. loose_unit

    Ownership Verified: Turnin' German. I didn't realise it was this easy.

    So as some of you are aware, my MX-5 is a bit broken for a number of reasons. Mostly it relates to the fact that I had to drive the car every day for work when it was never meant for that. This meant that I suddenly needed a new car, all the banks refusing to give me and my GF money! Luckily...
  8. loose_unit

    Loose Unit visiting St. Louis 10th - 18th of August

    Dates to be confirmed and finalised. (It's a work trip) I am wondering if any FGers are around that area and are interested in a cold beverage somewhere!
  9. loose_unit

    Ownership Verified: Meet Luigi DeVito! That's right, another MX-5! Sorry.

    So, before we start, I don't own the car, my girlfriend is on the papers as it saves us ?200 a year on insurance. It is our car though, half mine! What we have bought for ?1700 is a USDM NA MX-5 with 192,000 miles or kms, not sure - need to check, don't care. It has Air Conditioning that...
  10. loose_unit

    Mini Roadtrip to Ringmeet 2015 [Short German Roadtrip]

    I came up with the idea of doing a shorter roadtrip for those of us that can't justify the time or the expense of doing the gigantic 1 - 2 week trips. The dates for this will be determined once Ringmeet 2015 dates have been confirmed. No campsites have been confirmed, they are all there as...
  11. loose_unit

    Ownership Verified: Another E30, Beni's Winter Beater/My Loaner.

    So, I will let Beni fill in the history of this car if he would like, but it has been his winter-beater for some years. He decided to get himself a new winter-beater and kindly offered to lend me the car until the MOT expires at the end of January! The bonet was open and it is on the ramps at...
  12. loose_unit

    Links and info thread

    Subreddit: Documents: (Information spreadsheet and charter) IRC: #gaming on (Note this is a general gaming channel, but most of us are talking about SC in there!) Anything else to add? Just reply.
  13. loose_unit

    Since when was this here?

  14. loose_unit

    Ownership Verified: Resistance was futile! My 1988 BMW 5er

    It took a while, much searching was done and linking people and discussing... Picking it up: The drive home, this may have happened: Note: This was on an autobahn legally :D Some glamour shots, note I haven't cleaned it - not sure when I will get the chance too. MXM was right...
  15. loose_unit

    FTB Mindcrack Server (Tekkit has been replaced)

    Tekkit has been replaced by Feed The Beast: Mindcrack. Launcer can be found here: Address for the server: Let me know if you have any issues or need whitelisting. The most up-to-date information can be found here...