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    HD upscaled pre-2009 Top Gear

    Hey everyone, So I've recently come across this software called Video Enhance A.I., which can take a lower resolution video, apply some magic, and makes it into resolutions up to 8k. I thought this would be great for the 2002-2009 era of Top Gear that wasn't broadcast in HD. I experimented...
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    Pre-2002 Top Gear releases?

    Hey everyone, I've been on a bit of an older Top Gear kick lately. I've been watching the often poor quality episodes I've found online, recorded from VHS and the like. My collection is far from complete. My question is, does anyone know if there are plans for BBC to release the older...
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    What was your favorite epic race?

    They were all great, but I find myself rewatching the SLR to Oslo one the most. I love that car.
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    Jeremy Clarkson and Nick Mason - Living The Life

    Hey everyone, I have a treat for you. I've obtained a copy of Living the Life DVD featuring Jeremy and the famous drummer from Pink Floyd. I included the DVD extra too. I don't think it's been posted here before, I did a quick search. if it has, my apologies...
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    Clarkson: Audio levels in Clarkson's Powered Up

    Hey, Does anyone notice the audio is poorly mastered in this video? It's supposed to be DTS-HD Master Audio, as what my decoder says, but the levels are bad. For example, when Jeremy is talking in a narrative, the volume is extremely loud out of the central channel speaker, compared with the...
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    Which episode does Jeremy talk about why certain cars are limited in top speed?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to locate a clip where Jeremy was talking about how cars that can exceed 200mph need to have "200mph brakes, 200mph tires." I'll paraphrase what I can remember: "Why do you think this mercedes CL is limited to 155mph? To keep the German Green Party happy? No, because...
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    Anyone know any news for a new Oz and James Wine Adventure series?

    Hello, Any news on a new series? All I've read online were rumors, but cannot find anything official. Such a good show. Thanks!
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    Any updates on Richard's and Jeremy's used car purchases from S17E03?

    Hey everyone, I want to know if there's been any follow up on these cars. I know about the CL needing a new coilpack, and I have seen the inspections posted on the Top Gear site:
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    Question on the Ferrari Daytona vs Powerboat challenge (Portofino to St Tropez)

    Hey everyone! In regards to this challenge from series 12 episode 5, I seem to remember coming across extras from it. I believe they were extended cuts from when James and Richard were at the bar in Saint Tropez. I think I saw them online but I can't find them anymore. Any ideas? (I'm not...