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  1. Luca

    Can anyone from the US help me to fight a scammer?

    So I sold a headphone for 185 USD on to someone in Cape Coral Florida, they paid via Paypal, and I sent the headphones. Fast forward a month, and paypal contacts me saying that the buyer initated a chargeback for "item not received". So I am -185 USD in the red. I uploaded the...
  2. Luca

    Heeeeelp pls

    Hi, I'm doing a survey for my bachelor thesis and need some more participants, it would be super awesome of you to take part. You watch a small clip from a movie, then answer a few questions. You can win something too. (there are several versions, not...
  3. Luca

    Transformers 3

    Entertaining. Nice lips. Megan who? But apart from that I couldn't get into this movie, I saw it as an overblown CGI ya-di-dah with a clusterfuck of meaningless robot fights, LENOVO, some funny moments, the Merc SLS, CISCO, destroying Chicago, NOKIA, destroying some more of chicago.... An...
  4. Luca

    Palestinian kids throw rocks at car, get run over. (Warning possibly disturbing)

    I recall a debate on that ship incident between Palestinians and Israelis. Whats your view on this? Im going to have to side with the Israelis again, screw the kid and his parents, if he would have stopped they would have killed him. Ups: this should be moved to politics I guess.