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  1. MadOnion

    Random Thoughts (Top gear Edition)

    Today I saw RED 2 and final scenes reminded me of Top Gear test track. Apparently, it WAS Top Gear test track:
  2. MadOnion

    My new paint job

    I came across the artist's web-site. On his personal page in social network he mentioned, that it was mostly Lada owner's idea, in response to Clarkson's numerous bashings of Russian automobiles. That's from recent Top Gear Live Moscow photoshop contest. My personal favourite is Hammond in...
  3. MadOnion

    My new paint job

    So, if it's your car, maybe you'll tell us the story behind this airbrushing? And why did you reveal it so late ? this photo is on the web at least since March. (Source, in Russian) Our local Discovery Channel posted this pic today on it's Facebook/ page, starting the second wave of...
  4. MadOnion

    Random Thoughts (Top gear Edition)

    Old trick, but I've made a few edits of this shot with Slash and Photoshop revealed me that there is a human this time again under the helmet:
  5. MadOnion

    [18x03] February 12th, 2012

    01:39 - 01:48 - DJ Food - Magpie Music (feat. 2econd Class Citizen) 20:42 - 21:06 - Holy Fuck - Latin America
  6. MadOnion

    Top Gear Show/Site Suggestions

    Here is one more reason to do a Russia/ex-USSR Special ? the Chechen tradition for a wedding convoy to take a honorable place behind newlyweds' car by all means. Looks like a TG challenge to me.
  7. MadOnion

    [15x06] August 1st, 2010

    01:39 - 01:53 - Trifonic - Infiltration 01:54 - 03:06 - UNKLE - 24 Frames
  8. MadOnion

    Another Google Maps Stig Spotting, This Time In LEGOLAND

    The second one with Tutankhamun has been blured 10 minutes ago too.
  9. MadOnion

    Top Gear Russia

    Top Gear Russia returns this Sunday.
  10. MadOnion

    Top Gear Russia

    A few days ago confirmation appeared on the REN TV forum, that TG Russia will return in the next 2009-2010 TV-season, so possibly yes, this fall.
  11. MadOnion

    TG parody: for Russians by Russians

    Parody that was shown not so long time ago on the main federal channel. Sorry, but there is no English subtitles. And I'm not sure if it's worth to be translated because it consists of jokes oriented on Russians. They even make fun from voices used for Russian dubbing of Top Gear. So I post this...
  12. MadOnion

    [01x03] March 8th, 2009

    I'm physically cannot put more than 6, but it was pretty solid episode. Petrovsky's Alpina review was the best bit. TGR-girl admires it too:
  13. MadOnion

    [01x02] March 1st, 2009

    I don't think so. The studio bits were filmed way back in november-december )
  14. MadOnion

    The Top Gear Subtitle Project

    Thanks for that, subtitles for 12x03 seem to be complete but off-sync. But 12x06 and 12x07 subtitles are more than incomplete, only 200 lines in first and 340 in second one, when usually they should have about 1000 lines :( So we still need subs for 12x03 (synced), 12x06, 12x07. Maybe anyone...
  15. MadOnion

    Top Gear Russia

    As someone pointed out, The Stig in jeans accidentally. Ok, not a jeans, but wtf Don't want to write some detailed review. It just fails at all points as a Top Gear - wriggling presenters, mediocre scripting, confused direction and camera work, stupidest stars, awful soundtrack etc. Here is...
  16. MadOnion

    Top Gear Russia

    So, I suppose we should make samples from all available rips and choose which one is better, then upload it on filesharing sites. Anyone from Russia wants to work that out with me? ) My internet connection is quite lame, so it can take all day )
  17. MadOnion

    Top Gear Russia

    There is already 3 different releases of the first episode, and broadcasting in Moscow and S.Petersburg not even finished yet ))
  18. MadOnion

    Top Gear Russia

    Oh yeah, it's in the air RIGHT NOW! (don't forget to click play there)
  19. MadOnion

    Top Gear Russia

    Two new promos before the premiere, which starts in a few hours. East part of Russia has already saw it, and the blokes say it's not so bad as it could be )