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  1. triumph

    help to buy a fun,exotic car for 5000? for my job (which one would You choose)

    HI It's been a long time since my last post but I've finally got internet at my new flat.(But managed to watch every new top gear episodes on youtube) I' m posting here because I need some help for a car . I have been working this out for weeks now and I really do not know what to choose or...
  2. triumph

    Veyron no more?

    Haha yeah. Well maybe something will hapen to Michael or not. Maybe Alonso wished something would happen considering it was his birthday that day.
  3. triumph

    (NEW) SLK 55 AMG "SPORT Track edition" (400bhp)

    A new SLK 55 AMG will be on sale in July (road versions from the pace car). (source: Auto motor und Sport : and (for the german speaking-> ) his name SLK 55 AMG "SPORT" what's new? more power: +40BHp...
  4. triumph


    I've made a search to see if someone had already post something like that but I didn't found anything.I Thought it could be quite interesting to post that (I'm very keen on eletric cars also I'm not a Green fanatic ) a Sports car powered by batteries . For the time being it's on the chassis...