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  1. Raven18940

    [REPOST]Richard on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

    Did anyone ever record Hammond's appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross from the news link on the main page?
  2. Raven18940

    What's withTiff and breaking race cars?

    Seems like any time the man gets in a race car these days something breaks. There was the Maserati where the limited slip quit. The Aston where the transmission gave out. And this week the drifter where the crank position sensor and then the driveshaft gave out. :lol:
  3. Raven18940

    Want Top Gear DVD's?

    Well go here and put down your email (all of them ;) )
  4. Raven18940

    Why does the GT get such bad gas mileage?

    I'm not sure whether they were just exaggerating things, but why did the GT seem to use so much more fuel? I mean it's aerodynamic-ish, not all that heavy (though no lightweight), and it has insanely tall gears (you can do 60 in 1st). I just don't get it.
  5. Raven18940

    SCCS classes? Can some one explain these to me?

    Well I'm going to try Auto crossing for the first time next sunday, most likely make a fool of myself. Anyway, the issue of what class to run has come up and I can't make heads or tails of the SCCS class guide. My car is stock except for a custom intake that doesn't add any power and an...
  6. Raven18940

    H&R or Eibach

    Well now I'm bringing my spring choice into question. After reading some reviews about hard rides I'm not so sure. So what do you guys think? H&R Sports or Eibach Pro-kits? Both will lower the car close to an inch, but which do you think will provide a better balance of performance and ride...
  7. Raven18940

    What does it take to become a racing driver?

    Besides the obvious talent, how does one become a racing driver?
  8. Raven18940

    Choosing shocks: Koni or Bilstein?

    Well my rear suspension is badly worn out (common problem due to the geometry of the 9-5 rear suspension) so I've decided to upgrade my suspension. I've decided on H&R sport springs, one of the stiffer springs available for my car, but I want to make sure I'm controlling body movement with the...
  9. Raven18940

    What i did on my day off.

    Boredom + day off + reading about SRT4 = me being stupid. I read about how the SRT-4 doesn't have a muffler and wondered what my Saab would sound like. Aside from an air intake mod, the car is totally stock. Unfornately the mic didn't pickup...
  10. Raven18940

    Hammond's Charger..... being sold. :o I don't understand why he's selling it already. :?
  11. Raven18940

    Left foot braking

    I think I get the basic idea of left foot braking. Step on the brake and gas at the same time and the back will step out. But how is it faster than normal cornering?
  12. Raven18940

    Photochoppers: Test your skills

    Actually it's more of a favor to ask. Here is my car And here is my car in large, high resolution glory Now I've never liked the look of the grill. I was wondering if one of you could turn the entire grill black except for the bar in the...
  13. Raven18940

    Saabs anyone?

    So where are the other saab nuts? I know you're out there, don't be bashful. here's some info on the new 9-3 Aero and it's new crackin v6 turbo engine While the...