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    *tumbleweeds roll past*

    So, it has been about a month since the studio taping, and there is still no word on when it will go to air? Curse you Channel Nine! The SBS series are looking better and better. Sure, they may not have the budget that Nine does, but at least they actually BROADCAST THE DAMN EPISODES!
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    What is not happening with automotive styling

    Have we reached the end of automotive styling? As I look at the new cars on the market today, everything seems to be so very conservatively styled. Forget the supercars, and hyper-expensive exotics, look at how bland the mass market has become. To be honest, I don't think there is a new car...
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    Lindsey Fox car collection, Melbourne.

    Australian trucking magnate Lindsey Fox is kind enough to open some of his collection of cars to the public. While I was in Melbourne earlier this year, I went to have a look. Here are a few of my favourites. Link to the complete album. Be warned, there are six pages worth of...