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  1. biddy

    The roush stage 3 mustang

    Hey guys i was wondering if someone could help me out with some info on the Roush stage 3 mustang. LONG story short ... i am pritty sure a dealer here is selling a fake!!! ( it jsut .... well didnt look right ) but .... i'm no expert so i turn to you. What should i specifically looking for?
  2. biddy


    So to ween me back to reality ... of sorts My mates and i are having a top gear oh thon - the thing is - my other half and i are arguing about which early episodes to show . . . so i put it to you which would you show? i am thinking early and not necessarilly a big challenge!
  3. biddy

    My day at top gear ... warning i quote them so swearing is involved!!

    hey all, so a few people have asked me to post my report of my day at top gear!!! for those of you who arnt interested ... sorry :) so... uhhh i am copying and pasting from my car club's web site to be honest lol but i will try to update it as this was done before the episode was shown!! And...
  4. biddy

    odd request re this weeks top gear!

    Hey guys! i have a really odd request - you see i was at this weeks tapping!!! and i was put in at the end for Clarksons ... well... farewells lol the thing is i was in the "bbc world" version of it lol ( for the buisness men ;) ) Does anyone get that version lol??
  5. biddy

    Top Gear Music Suggestions ...

    I know there is the cd up on this board and a seperate section ... but i'm not here to ask what song was played and whatnot!!! Here s hte deal - i am going on a trip to England On friday! lol The Boy and I will be driving up from london to Scotland and around at somepoint during - so i would...