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  1. wittyusername

    Top Gear- Daily Mail ("Femail") Article

    A friend of mine linked me to an article in the mail about Top Gear, don't usually read it but yeah... anyway its in thier "femail" section, so here it is Read more:
  2. wittyusername

    google search stories (A top gear parody) Made by me!

    Parody of the superbowl advert. Top Gear Style Tell me what you think :)
  3. wittyusername

    Channel 4's Greatest shows of the decade

    I coculdnt see a thread on this, ad i dont know if there is one becasue its littereally only just on the tv yes im going back to new years partay now so happy new year and yey! :) Oh and guess what the mentioned. Go on guess...
  4. wittyusername

    RH On Paul O Grady

    I didn't see a thread about this, I know it was a month or so ago now but I found it when I was on youtubeing and thought that it might be of interest to anyone that hasn't yet seen it Edit: fixed thanks :)
  5. wittyusername

    The Top Gear Alphabet

    Stole the idea from some people in the demotivator thread. The idea is so full of win it deserves its own thread! :D Make in the style of a demotivator- A is for blah ect. Link to website to make them I think we should publish a book Babies first top gear! "This will influence your child to...
  6. wittyusername


    I have searcched the forums and there doesn't appear to be a topic about it, I don't know there are lots of you here so some of you must be youtube fans! :D Who are your favorite youtubers? These are some of mine (i'm a geek I know there are loads here :P but i subscribe to so many more. But...