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    tracker downage

    due to technical problems the tracker will be down for the next 40 hours. unfortunately im unable to fix things earlier. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Usenet Frenzy

    Okay, i might be getting another Eweka-account, since they have a pretty good retention (like 30 days) and they are pritty cheap, but since they do everything in dutch, i feel like making some deals here. Since it is allowed to share your account, i am willing to sell some threads, for ? 2,-...
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    questions for dutchies

    for the dutchmen on this forum: For school we have to do some research including a questionnare. Since we are targetting the dutch market it is in dutch, and i would really like some help in filling out the form. It is about online sales of durable goods (dont know a good english word for it)...
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    Top Gear popularity: milestone ahead

    i noticed the downloads are way more active lately, from tracker#1 the latest Top Gear episode (07x05) was downloaded 78810 times, from the backup tracker 16022 times. (total: 94832 times) This means the 100.000 milestone (for a single episode) is close... For comparison: the second most...
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    im getting a new motherboard and CPU :D

    and it will be a AMD Athlon64 3000+ Venice and a MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum-54G Hopefully the CPU is one of those > 50% overclockers, so i can hit the 2.7GHz and get a 4200+ rating :D ill put down a new 3dmark score to beat, and perhaps something like SuperPI :P So, in short: what processor do...
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    Call of Duty

    i play it online for quite a while now, i just played on a server and i was all over the place... even everybody else was in this one clan i was like pure ownage :P im sorry its this dark but i cant help it... mspaint is all i have ATM :P anyhow, once you see it full-size its clearly readable.
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    bbc & copyrights...

    BBC angrily on Dutch Internet site with British teletekst HATTEM - the British broadcasting does not want BBC that to be teletekstpagina's see being on the Dutch Internet site The broadcasting has summoned the Dutch owner of the site stop with passing on Bbc-teletekst the Ceefax...
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    best FFB racing wheel for pc?

    i really need a FFB racing wheel with GTR... Which ones are good, and which ones would you advise?
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    ive ordered a Steelpad S4

    and i think im gonna like it. Even though they're a little expensive (35 euro) they get good reviews... ill give you a review when i receive the pad ;)
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    best nordschleife race sim for PC

    since i really like the nurnburgring i am learning the track by racing it on my PC, so once i buy my own car i wont crash it into one of the may corners it has ;) I have GTR and ive downloaded the nordscheife track. But im curious if there are better sims or perhaps sims with a more accurate...
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    HD crash...

    last night my HD crashed... it was a Hitachi 160GB harddisk, i tried to copy some files to it and it started to make loud "clicking" noises... ill RMA it next monday, i had it for only 7 months. (ill better not mention it was on 24/7 ;) )
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    gaming humour

    omg, i like recently like discovered this site, and they have like five episodes of like pro-gaming humour... you all just gotta like check out the site (and like the episodes)
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    snow-related accidents (video)

    what do you think would be the smartest thing to do if this happened to you?
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    [tracker hardware] wouldnt it be nice...

    omg i saw this on online trade site (like ebay): HP Netserver LH3r - Dual processor Pentium II 450 MHz - 512 MB memory - 6 SCSI harddisks of 9.1 GB - RAID controller drool, i would put 5 disks in RAID5, and use one as a hot spare. It would be safe for my data and the tracker's data, and it...
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    LAN report

    okay im back from the LAN i had from sunday till wednesday. i was awake from sunday 7.30 AM till wednesday 1.30 AM, i slept until 11.30 AM and then i started gaming again. a small log of the data that was up- and downloaded from the fileserver: (i installed Windows XP on it on another...
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    "Client Version is banned" error

    i will start banning old clients from using the tracker anytime soon. This is because they demand much more upload from the tracker than the new clients. (this is because the new clients support "compact tracker protocol", also called "UDP tracker client protocol" and the old clients dont.)...
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    MS forces me to reboot but i dont want to

    i have Windows XP SP2 running on my workstation, and i installed some updates. But i dont want to reboot, ill reboot when ATI releases new drivers, or when i get a BSOD, but not now. but i get those annoying popups that say "do you want to restart now". After a day i think those are really...
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    does anybody here use Usenet? Ive recently discovered it, and it goes at the maximum speed of my connection all the time. The other big advantage is you can use your upload for other usefull purposes, since usenet hardly requires any upload, since its not p2p. My provider runs a good newsserver...
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    Video Quality

    Split outta a hidden forum by Viper btw i expected a "digital rip" quality thing... but the quality hasnt improved at all imho. is VUK still ripping the old way?
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    bug in the forums

    on it says about "problems": but when i enter "problems" i see there's a later post: Fri Oct 15, 2004 5:59 pm by Viper007Bond im my damn thread.