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    Cars that were better than you expected

    I have been buying as many cars as I can afford and taking every car at least once around the Nurburgring all in stock form. (IE, not doing my own modifications to the cars). I have driven hundreds of cars and hundreds of laps of the Ring and not surprisingly I came across cars that pretty much...
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    Cars with nice interiors for around $20,000 USD

    Hello everyone! I recently moved to a new apartment and my work is now less than 3 miles away. Because of this my gas mileage has dropped dramatically. (My engine is still warming up by the time I get to work) So I have decided that I would like to get a new car. I no longer need a big V6...
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    ZoinkIt and Torrage links fubar Opera.

    The torrent links that redirect you to either Torrage or Zoinkit for some reason force Opera to keep opening a new tab. The only way to stop it is to close the browser all together. This problem does not occur on Firefox so it seems to be an issue with Opera not liking the links for some...
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    What wheel/rim is this?

    Hello everyone, I was searching the internet looking for a new set of wheels for my car when I found these two pictures of a Genesis Coupe sporting some great looking wheels that I would like on my car. The problem is, I found these pictures posted on another forum and the person who...