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    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    Thought of the day...just happy that I finally found these wheel bearings for my '88 Audi Coupe. Been searching for months and months :/
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    The Australian music appreciation thread!

    Love Hilltop Hoods and Funkoars. Aussie rap is sick.
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    SPECTRE (2015)

    Stillllll haven't seen this yet! but will hopefully next week :)
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    Movie: Captain America: Civil War

    Wow. Liking this. A lot.
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    Jessica Jones (Netflix Marvel)

    Was a bit underwhelmed by the JJ trailer, i guess the TV versions of comic books are never quite as cool as the movie versions..IMO
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    The Music Thread

    Really digging the new Grimes album, worth a shot.
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    EPL 2015/16 - The English Premier League Thread

    Surprised at how much money they can give up, just to criticise...
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    UEFA Euro 2016 Qualifying - The Road to France

    Yikes, hard group for England :/
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    The FOOTball thread

    Ha, yeah Mourinho deserves a decent change, done some amazing things.
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    NBA 15-16

    Who has been watching this season??