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    [05x02] October 31st, 2004

    Does anyone know the song at 04:33 - 05:30?
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    [02x08] July 6th, 2003

    What's the song starting at 03:41?
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    [02x05] June 8th, 2003

    What's the song at the beginning of the C4S review? (05:55-05:54)
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    [02x04] June 1st, 2003

    What's the song at the beginning of Jeremy's Jaguar review? ( 24:58 - 26:00)
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    [01x09] December 22nd, 2002

    Golf music Golf music Hi! I'm looking for a song in the Golf segment. When The hatchback comparisons start at 46:10-47:14 .It was also used when Richard Hammond tried the Saab on episode 7.
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    [01x07] December 1st, 2002
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    [01x07] December 1st, 2002

    Saab segment Saab segment What's the song in the Saab segment after the opera music
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    Clarkson: What's that Song for Clarkson DVD's?

    It's "Hand of Hope" by Rob Elliott.