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    Warning: spoilers ahead. Wow, what an amazing movie. I'll be completely honest; I was totally not expecting that. Where to begin... - Tom Cruise. Holy shit. The part where the drone didn't recognize him after that emergency eye surgery was intense. The precogs were all like "whaaaaat!?!"...
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    Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS)

    Get it... now. It's amazing. The last game in the series I played was Fire Emblem on the GBA, which many still consider to be the best. I've only stared playing, but Awakening may be even better. There are a lot of new features, especially for someone who's been away for as long as I have, but...
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    2013 FG Fantasy Baseball League

    Hey, all! Yeah, that's right.. who wants some more of this!?! ESPN is setting up their site for the new season, so it's that time again! :D Same as always: Standard, 10-12 team, 5x5 (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG x K, W, SV, ERA, WHIP, Roto scoring league. A competitive league is a fun league... there...
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    '12 NFL Offseason Thread

    There really is no offseason when it comes to football, but it's time for a new thread. - The Saints are a hot mess. - No team wants to be featured on Hard Knocks. - I'm excited to see what Jay and B-Marsh can do, now that they're playing together again. - The draft hasn't even started and I...
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    '12 MLB Regular Season Thread

    Two days until the Japan Opening Series in Tokyo, where the Mariners and Athletics will start off the 2012 regular season with mediocre baseball.... woooooo! In all seriousness, I can't wait. Miami's Home Run Monstrosity is fully functional and fully horrifying: What's everyone looking...
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    PA armored truck guard on the run after killing his partner and stealing $2.3m

    Man accused of killing guard in armored truck still on the run. Who the hell steals over $2 million, killing a man in the process, only to return to the office parking lot, drive home to change, and confess the crime to both family and friends? I know he'll be caught, but I really hope it's...
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    Metric's new album, Synthetica, hits shelves June 12

    FUCK YES! I can't wait... any other fans here?
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    My 2011 Mazda 3 i Sport

    I bought the car last summer and finally got around to taking pics, so here we are... Behold the 3 in all its sensible econo-car goodness:
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    2012 FG Fantasy Baseball: Harder Better Faster Stronger

    Is it too early? Maybe Hell no, it's not! After talking with a few guys who played in the league last year, I've decided that introducing some prizes and, in turn, raising the stakes may go a long way in getting the competitive juices flowing and making things more fun for everyone involved...
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    A Forum to Discuss the State of the Forum in the "Forums" Sub-Forum

    I'd like to start off by stating that, for quite a while now, I've been posting on the forums only very sparsely. I don't know whether or not that entitles me to an opinion, but I feel the need to ask a simple question: What the hell happened to this place? When I joined over 5 years ago (dear...
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    MLB '11/'12 Offseason Thread

    Mike Napoli is nearly finished winning the WS MVP award, so it's time to look forward to next season... Theo Epstein is a Cub, Hoyer and McLeod are on the way, and I have a massive baseball boner. :P Anyways, there are a lot of very interesting players on the market this offseason: Pujols...
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    Sunday Night Poll: Xtreme Inspiration Edition

    The 17th annual X Games have come and gone. The competition, as usual, was totally fucking badass to the Xtreme. There was a plethora of the 3 things I love and admire most- sick jumps, gnarly tricks, and hella energy drink advertising. Locking myself in my roommate?s bedroom for the entirety of...
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    NFL '11 Regular Season Thread

    I'm surprised no one's created a thread yet, but here it is! First, let's start off with the most shocking news: I can't believe Jay and Kristin called it off! Like OMG, guys. Anyway, a lot of crap just happened in a very short period... Discuss. :P
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    Post Your Tool Bag/Box

    Post a pic of your essential tools, the ones you find yourself using day-to-day, be it at your home, workplace, garage, torture chamber, etc. I'll get the ball rolling:
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    Sunday Night "Friday" Poll on a Saturday

    This week, if I may, I'd like to steer clear of the inane silliness and share an inspirational work which has changed my life for the better and truly opened my eyes. I present: "Friday", as performed by Rebecca Black. I know that's quite a bit to take in at once, so let's analyze the lyrics...
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    Sunday Night Poll

    Children, gather round and listen... There lives a great man- a man of strong conviction, ultimate understanding, generous compassion, and immaculate conception. I know what you are thinking, and no, I haven't done anything with my hair, but thank you for asking. Anyway, our story begins with...
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    Sunday Night Brick Poll

    Llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllet's get ready to brick poll! Brick: Ice Brick: Basketball Brick: Lego Brick: Money Brick: Tamland, Brick: Cocaine Brick: Nintendo Brick: Ben Fold?s Five Brick: Shit Brick:
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    Sunday Night Dick Poll

    I stumbled upon this, read it, shared it on irc, ate a banana, and was intrigued by the ensuing discussion. Hence, the poll. I've integrated the wallet portion for an entirely separate, yet equally important reason. So, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, Lllllllllllll llllllet's get...
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    2011 FG Fantasy Baseball... Check-In Here!

    That's right, ESPN's new(ish) site is up and running! Before we set up a new league, I thought we'd gauge interest and determine the number of teams. In my opinion, anything more than 12 teams becomes difficult quickly. Anyway, here are the teams from last season's league (in order of finish)...
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    MLB '10/'11 Offseason Thread

    I was going to wait until after the WS to create a thread, but there's already some action. - The Cubs hired Mike Quade as manager. I'm neither thrilled nor disappointed; I'm just happy we're not giving a ton of money to Girardi or throwing Sandberg into the fire. I wish Ryno the best. :) -...