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  1. rideclutch

    [22x06] March 1st, 2015

    Great ep - thought he could've been even harsher on the Lexus if he wanted. Gillian Anderson <3
  2. rideclutch

    [22x04] February 15th, 2015

    This is one of best, can't say it any simpler than that.
  3. rideclutch

    [22x03] February 8th, 2015

    Ha! Don't Fear The Reaper; haven't heard that since Black Stig died. Had some genuine lols, wasn't too bad. Don't fuck with the Honey Badger :P
  4. rideclutch

    [20x06] August 4th, 2013

    Thought James' bus film was the best part :D. Felt genuine, yet silly at the same time. Very good! Last film was kind of lost on me. Already knew about the F1's and naturally just assumed they made tractors and various parts to all the other cars. :blink:. As a result, it didn't really blow me...
  5. rideclutch

    [20x04] July 21st, 2013

    Thought it was going alright until Jeremy deliberately lunched the engine trying to go back up the weir. They just couldn't resist :rolleyes: Electric SLS looked promising but as a whole didn't care for the review. The track tests are so mundane it puts me off watching the episode again. Had a...
  6. rideclutch

    Random Thoughts [Top Gear USA Edition]

    When I said shortly, what I actually meant was 6 months later... Sooo... *turns on 3x01* ;)
  7. rideclutch

    Thanks mate ;)

    Thanks mate ;)
  8. rideclutch

    [19x07] March 10th, 2013 [Africa Special, Part 2]

    It wasn't bad, but I just didn't feel that connection to the vehicles like one should on a TG special. Up until the deeply rutted road near the end there, it didn't appear that the journey was terribly perilous or difficult at any point, and as a result I just failed to appreciate the enormity...
  9. rideclutch

    [19x06] March 3rd, 2013 [Africa Special, Part 1]

    Wasn't bad by any means, but I'm not feeling this 10/10 best of all the time love. Just seemed a bit plain; I felt the same after the supercars in America from earlier this series. Had all the right ingredients but somehow just didn't add up for me. Some genuinely funny moments though, and the...
  10. rideclutch

    [19x05] February 24th, 2013

    Quite liked it, dare I say it, the scripted bits kinda worked for me. I just don't compare it to vintage Top Gear (Series 3 to 8) anymore, rather think of it as a different show. Those old classics are still there to enjoy, and these aren't a patch on them, but I enjoy the show for different...
  11. rideclutch

    [19x02] February 3rd, 2013

    All style, no substance. (Though I must say the style was particularly stylish this week; amazing!) Started well with Richard bantering with the others, but I quickly had to ask myself what they were actually doing there. Fighter plane thing didn't really fit for me, would've been better as a...
  12. rideclutch

    [19x02] February 3rd, 2013

    Hahahah, I'm browsing this thread before watching the new episode.... ...and just simply reading your comment makes me want to watch 7x01 first. Right now. Before the new episode. Kinda sums up how excited I am about new TG these days :P
  13. rideclutch

    Random Thoughts [Top Gear USA Edition]

    Haven't seen any of Season 3 so far, will get around to it shortly. Still going well?
  14. rideclutch

    2012 Formula 1 Gran Premio Santander d'Italia

    Hamilton unusually subdued after the win... other things on his mind perhaps...
  15. rideclutch

    2012 Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix

    Nice race Jenson, looked in control all weekend, good stuff. Shame about the first corner, ruined the race a little. Kimi deserves a win. Driving too well not to have one yet. Lotus not getting it done on raceday for whatever reason, hope they pull their finger out soon.
  16. rideclutch

    London 2012 Olympic Games

    If you don't watch the Olympics with the intention of being an armchair expert, you're doing it wrong as far as I'm concerned. Congrats. The Spanish were solid and deserved their gold, but our girls were classier and IMO would've won. Two little mistakes and they end up with Silver. Story of our...
  17. rideclutch

    London 2012 Olympic Games

    Absolutely! Here's the team we sent: They came last, maybe because they did their routine to AC/DC whilst the judges were getting all tumescent over some classical rubbish, but probably because they weren't much good. That aside - Top quality athletes. I will be buying their calendar in...
  18. rideclutch

    2012 Formula One Grand Prix of Hungary

    Nice race Lewis, controlled up front, deserved to win, well done. Shame about Kimi, another 2nd, would like to see him win again. Poor call on the strategy RB, 3 stops was not the way to go at all, and Jenson really didn't have a lot of luck. Rather uneventful, but that's Hungary. Meanwhile...
  19. rideclutch

    2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix Of Germany

    That, and then finally get their tyre strategy right. Kimi did 2 stints on the softs, which were slower... :/
  20. rideclutch

    2012 Formula 1 Grand Prix Of Germany

    This was a great drive from Alonso... it's like a horse leading all the way but pinching a breather mid-race. As soon as the finish line was in sight, he just punched it and left them for dead. All class.