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  1. rideclutch

    Random Thoughts [Top Gear USA Edition]

    We're well into the 2nd Series of TG US now, and I think there's enough interest to start one of these threads. If you've got a thought about TG US that doesn't require a new thread, post here. I'll get the ball rolling... On the back of Episode 4, I think there's a lot to like about the latest...
  2. rideclutch

    Samsung NX100 - Yes or no?

    I'm heading off overseas next month, so I'm thinking about buying a new camera for the trip. I was gonna look into buying a quality SLR camera, but then I saw this Samsung NX100 being advertised. Obviously it's no top of the range product, but I figured being a complete n00b at Photography it...
  3. rideclutch

    Webber ended season with fractured shoulder.

    Dunno if this was thread-worthy or not, or if there's a place for this kinda thing but I thought it was interesting. To clarify, he doesn't seem to be making excuses. I don't think...