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  1. pfrocker

    Eccelestone Mugged, Taken to Hospital

    Was not sure where to put this news, don't know if it deserves it own thread. So Bernie is in hospital with head injuries after being robbed in his house. I know I have my differences with him, but I will never wish anyone harm. Hope he recovers and maybe that knock on his head makes him sane...
  2. pfrocker

    F1 Movie and how it's being shot in 3D

    Here is a great article I found on the 2011 F1 movie. Sorry for not posting the article here, but I'm in a hurry to take a test and just wanted to share this before I go.
  3. pfrocker

    2010 Turkish Grand Prix

    Welcome to the 2010 Turkish Grand Prix, Round 7 at Istanbul Park in the hills of Istanbul, Turkey. We return to the Istanbul Park circuit which involves a great amount of elevation and high speed turns. This is one of Felipe Massa's favorite tracks and it shows since he has almost won all of...
  4. pfrocker

    Long Beach Circuit Tour [Warning: Lots of Pictures]

    Last Weekend I visited the Long Beach circuit for the first time. For those who know their motorsport, this location was used in Formula One during the 70's and today IRL use this fantastic circuit. I was very impressed by the location and the purpose of this thread is to give an in depth view...
  5. pfrocker

    2009 Brazilian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    FORMULA 1 GRANDE PREMIO PETROBRAS DO BRASIL 2009 After a welcome return of Suzuka for the Japanese GP, where we saw Sebastian Vettel dominate that race and get back in the title fight, we head towards another great classic track Aut?dromo Jos? Carlos Pace in Sau Paulo, Brazil. Interlagos is one...
  6. pfrocker

    2009 Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix

    Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix After a night race in Singapore that saw another example of how unpredictable this season is, where we saw Hamilton win and surprise to see Glock and Alonso on the podium, we head to Suzuka. Suzuka is a classic track that is a favorite amongst drivers and...
  7. pfrocker

    2009 Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix

    Santander Italian Grand Prix Monza, the home race for the tifosi. This is one of the few classic high speed track left that is still operational, the Italians call it the "Magic Track". Short track history: -Opened in 1922, it was only the third purpose built race track after Indianapolis and...
  8. pfrocker

    The McLaren M1C Reborn

    Wired magazine had a great article on the legendary Can-Am racer the McLaren M1C. This machine is a replica of the old racer. I have to say seeing it in a high quality picture and looking at the little details of the car makes it a thousand time enjoyable to watch. Just wanted to share the...
  9. pfrocker

    Tron: Legacy

    Here is the Tron sequel in a crystal clear quality after finally being released by the movie officials. God I am so excited about this movie, the first Tron was way ahead of its time in terms of movie technology. Well I won't bore you here is the trailer...
  10. pfrocker

    Jeremy Clarkson cheats on his Wife

    :lol: not really, it's this 2dtv parody I found on youtube, it's hilarious.
  11. pfrocker

    The Government might send GM into Bankruptcy This still is not confirmed, but it looks like the plans for a "New" GM is being rushed. I still don't understand the Chrysler deal, one day they announce their bankruptcy and now they want to bring it back...
  12. pfrocker

    Where do I start?

    Hey guys, I've been here for a while and need to make a confession. I have never seen an episode of Fifth Gear, just clips from You Tube. As an enormous fan of Top Gear, I just didn't bother with Fifth Gear. But I've decided to give it a shot and see what's it like. The problem is that I heard...
  13. pfrocker

    Sham Wow Guy Busted

    Hope it's not a repost, but this is hilarious. Vince Shlomi aka Sham Wow guy, went to jail for punching a prostitute. Look like the prostitute bit his tongue and he punched her. "It can even wipe away the blood, after you're done with that bitch. It's just sells it self!"...
  14. pfrocker

    Tesla Model S

    Tesla has unveiled their sedan concept. What is interesting is that the dash has a giant screen (touch screen?). I have to say it does look a lot like the Jaguar XF.
  15. pfrocker

    Random Motorsports Pictures

    This thread is intended for any pictures you like to post relating to Motorsports (Le Mans, WRC, Touring Car, etc.) except Formula One. If you have F1 pictures, please post them in here: I'll start:
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    Not exactly tech, but relates to computers. I want a new cool mouse pad for my computer, so please share some. I kinda prefer something that relates to cars, but I'm open to any suggestion. Please send links to any cool products, looking for something under $20. Thanks in advance.
  17. pfrocker

    Ferrari Sceduriea Spider 16M Virtual Tour

    Here is a cool thing I found, just wanted to share it with you guys. This is the interior of the new special edition 430. So here is the virtual tour of what it's like to be sitting in a Ferrari.
  18. pfrocker

    Phil Hill (1927-2008)

    Sad News today, Phil Hill has passed away today at the of 81. He was the first American F1 champion. And I had just watched him in a Good Wood festival of speed re-run. May he Rest in Peace.
  19. pfrocker

    Top Gear crashes England's only Nissan GT-R Whoops, Top Gear Magazine have a lot of explaining to do it. But that will buff right out, just a scratch.
  20. pfrocker

    Lou Ferrigno (original Hulk) Sighting in SF

    The weekend of July 11-13th Lou Ferrigno was signing autographs and taking picture with fans to promote the new Hulk movie. It so happens I was in Pier 39 (near Fisherman's Wharf). It was pretty cool to see him, he seems like a normal guy and pretty quite. His body is pretty normal, just with...