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    Team Schrick 2010, Ep01 work thread

    Is the german version available for download anywhere? I am a german native living in the states and love this show. I can help you guys with the translation a bit if you still need help
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    Adam Carolla, his 13 cars and his thoughts in article

    Honestly, I couldn't agree with him more. Sounds like my kind of guy. 10 dollar gas is the only thing that can cure america off it's oil addiction and bring some common sense to the general public. People really need to come to their senses. It's nice that everybody wants a hybrid now but if...
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    jearmy clarkson is exactive producer of us top gear

    ambitious but rubbish that sums up this threads poster as well as the aformentioned school system :-)
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    Car racing books - instruction or experiences

    Hey, just like most everyone else here I am in love with car racing, mostly touring cars. I would like to start racing myself, however it is quite an expensive hobby and right now I don't have the funds but I will eventually. Now I am looking for interesting and good written books about the...