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  1. Yaarg

    What car defines your COUNTY?

    What defines Orange County, California? Well, how about a dealership? Everyone goes here. Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz in Newport Beach. Everyone else drives a 3 series.
  2. Yaarg

    Nissan GT-R vector

    Fantastic stuff, good work.
  3. Yaarg

    The Dark Knight

    Call me crazy, but after watching it a second time, I think my least favorite part of the film was Batman himself. He was surrounded by some phenomenal acting, and he by no means was poorly done, but compared to lets say, the Joker, Batman was kind of meh.
  4. Yaarg

    Spoilers: Tickets for the Show

    How ironic and irritating... I live in Southern California, yet I'll be in England during the TG America taping.
  5. Yaarg

    First car you ever drove

    There are a few angles at which the L series looks pretty good I'll admit, but I cannot handle that front end, it's just so goofy.
  6. Yaarg

    The Dark Knight

    I think that it is safe to say that his performance should merit him a few nominations, and couple with his good performance his death, I think he should win them as well. It would be a fitting tribute to his acting career if he could be honored with such high honors (which he deserves) in his...
  7. Yaarg

    The Dark Knight

    Yes that's true, and does seem like the most plausible thing to do, it would have to be a brief appearance, because Heath's rendition of him is utterly unmatched.
  8. Yaarg

    The Dark Knight

    The unfortunate thing about follow up movies is that the Joker cannot make a return, it would be extremely difficult to make a follow up movie and pull it off well. If they come up with some cool way to maybe use old footage of Heath and deal with him at the beginning of the film or something...
  9. Yaarg

    The Dark Knight

    The ONLY downside to the movie is the fact that they cannot bring back the Joker for another movie. Heath Ledger was beyond phenomenal, one of the best movie performances of all time.
  10. Yaarg

    First car you ever drove

    Yes sir, 2001 Saturn L300. Despite being heinously ugly, actually a solid car to drive.
  11. Yaarg

    Top Gear USA on NBC official! Eric Stromer is third host

    Stromer could provide some sweet builds in this series. The world's first automobile with a back porch and lovely planter boxes.