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  1. Loser

    [08x07] July 23rd, 2006

    in the parkour vs peugeot challenge it is cut together. here is a little behind the scenes
  2. Loser

    [08x08] July 30th, 2006

    what about the 207/Parkour challenge
  3. Loser

    Veyron around TG track after the world cup?

    what about the mcmerc in 2004 ?
  4. Loser

    Why no the latest issues of TG Mag uploaded? =(

    damn i would get a subscription, but in germany its too pricy
  5. Loser

    [09x11] July 10th, 2006

    tiff in a drifting challenge. sounds awe :woot: some
  6. Loser

    [08x02] May 14th, 2006

    if the time is the same like last week, it should be here in 10 minutes
  7. Loser

    [08x01] May 7th, 2006

    you see what i mean with stupid discussions?
  8. Loser

    [08x02] May 14th, 2006

    cheap coupe car challenge just expensive?
  9. Loser

    **SPOILER** Info on new Top Gear series in latest mag issue

    is there a scan out yet?
  10. Loser

    [08x01] May 7th, 2006

    hopefully that they will bring the veyron on their track this series, to stop the stupid discussions about who might be quickest around the test track
  11. Loser

    ~425MB Top Gear rips?

    the bigger the better
  12. Loser

    jeremy's driving ban!

    I don't think that topgear shows the fastet lap. i think its a conclusion of the most amazing moments during the laps.