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  1. BorHor

    Lens Flair

    I just got my D90 a few days ago. Still have a long ways to go on learning this thing.
  2. BorHor

    First GTR in the Bay Aaaareea!

    I see expensive cars all the time in the Bay.
  3. BorHor

    Fast Toyota

    Crazy Supra's :)
  4. BorHor

    NBC passes on TG USA

    I wonder what channel it will be on.
  5. BorHor

    Japantastic (56K warning)

    Speaking of ambulance this is from 04 I think, the first time I went to Japan.
  6. BorHor

    Fuel prices in your country

    Gas prices right now are cheaper then when I started driving!!! WooT Paid $2.15 a gallon at a shell by my house yesterday for 91. I bet I will get lower today haha.
  7. BorHor

    Questions about 240sx

    S14 240's are pretty good cars. KA's last pretty damn long if you do basic maintenance. Right now I have a S13 with a S14 motor with a supercharger and it is pretty nippy now :)
  8. BorHor

    TSX versus Lexus LS (cars not similar, I know)

    wow some nice cars for a kid that isn't even 18 yet. I was lucky to have my hand me down supra at that age.
  9. BorHor

    Who lives in a town/city where Starbucks doesn't exist?

    There are over 200 within 10 of where I live.
  10. BorHor

    Fuel prices in your country

    $2.34 for 91 unleaded. That is about a $1.25 price break in the last month!!!
  11. BorHor

    Los Angeles 2008: Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder

    Dang! That car is PURE SEX!!!! But for some reason I am not feeling the wheels. Good thing that is an easy thing to take care of :)
  12. BorHor

    Racing seat office chair

    A cheap racing seat is pretty unconformable in a car. I am going to assume it is going to be as bad as a chair that you will sit in for a long part of the day. Now if it was a Recaro SPG or something more expensive then it might not be to bad.
  13. BorHor

    L.A. Auto Show: 2009 Nissan Cube.

    Not too odd. I would do similar things ;)
  14. BorHor

    Logitech G25 vs Manual Car

    I wonder if there will ever be an affordable simulation which can simulate the real feel of a clutch.
  15. BorHor

    300zx vs Miata for first car

    Just as many members have said.. Miata for sure. 300zx are a pain in the butt to work on and are going to be more expensive to maintain. Plus good gas mileage FTW
  16. BorHor

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet up [June 7th!]

    Aww man. Girls > then Meets.. Or just bring her to the meet. haha
  17. BorHor

    San Francisco Bay Area Meet up [June 7th!]

    Not sure if I can make it any more. I might have to attend a graduation party.
  18. BorHor

    Countries you have visited

    Not much for me. Japan, China, Thailand, and Myanmar
  19. BorHor

    DSLR camera

    I have a Olympus E-510 which is pretty similar to the 410. It has been great and not to hard to use. Battery like is GREAT too. My dad took it to Asia for a few weeks and he didn't change the battery once.