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  1. ca6

    Fifth Gear is rubbish...

    I am not even gonna bother watching fifth season, I've heard nothing but bad of it. Tiff needs to get his own show...with Alan de Cadenet perhaps 8)
  2. ca6

    Mitsubishi Eclipse

    That must be CG...they look weird.
  3. ca6

    December 13th, 2004

    Ah, ok. :) Yeah, I wouldn't buy a car because of a Tvshow, magazines are way more informative and trust-worthy. I think that FG would get a hard time of they're taking up competing with TG. It is good that they are trying to be a bit different, but the current disposition of the show is not so good.
  4. ca6

    December 13th, 2004

    Ok....what are you doing in this thread then? Go read a magazine! :roll: :wink:
  5. ca6

    December 13th, 2004

    I put much more belif in FGs tests than Top Gears. Top Gear is a talkshow about cars, that features great footage of interesting cars. FG is a carshow IMO. Top Gear does have the stig though...but that's just because none of the others can drive. :P
  6. ca6

    December 13th, 2004

    Kinda dull epsiode, but I really liked Plato's comment about 5th having the best drivers, and Tiff saying that the GT is too easy. I don't belive for a second that he did it because of JC getting one, I think he was honest since he's used to drive much more brutal cars. Do you think JC would've...
  7. ca6


    Well, Pinifarina also designed the F430 and F612...two other pigs. Pininfarina has not impressed me with their recent work. :roll: I think this looks lots better than the smart though. Whats interesting about the Nido is the safety ideas...the inner passenger cell is protected with...
  8. ca6

    Car mags

    Derek: Haha, it wasn't the Stradale...I guess that was featured in the '03 eCOTY. * Yeah..Evo is damn expensive...seems like the price has incresed some ?.5 again here in Sweden...I really should start an subscription...that'd save me a lot of money. This the latest issue seems kind of...
  9. ca6

    Car mags

    HEY! Spoiler alert since it's the eCOTY-issue? :evil: I haven't read the issue better not be the Stradale that is the eCOTY'04 :x ;)
  10. ca6


    I saw my first crossfire in the metal today. It's actually uglier in the metal, heh.
  11. ca6

    December 12th, 2004

    They should've had a proper driver used to the Murc - There's no way he was used to driving that on the track if JC could catch him. I'm not saying the FQ400 isn't up to it, rather JC's driving skills. But hey, it's top gear not evo-tv. Good epsiode, there should've been more contenders in the...
  12. ca6

    VW Polo facelift

    Could it be more bland? :|
  13. ca6

    Renault Clio 2005

    Looks are long as they make a sport version, I'll keep beeing a fan. I don't think the current version is that good-looking. This has potential.
  14. ca6

    BMW M6 official press

    I prefer theese rims...
  15. ca6


    It's kind of a cool concept. The impact protection consists of a cushioned (the yellow bits in the last picture) cell in the middle of the car, where the driver and passenger sits. Otherwise it seems to have quite a lot in common with the smart, layout-wise.
  16. ca6

    Petrol VS Diesel

    Yes. Or was that a trick question?
  17. ca6


    Most likely. Damn this thread has derailed, haha. So here's a couple of pics of the Pininfarina Nido:
  18. ca6

    Petrol VS Diesel

    Diesels are good for big grunty engines, petrol is good far smaller revvy engines. Both fuels are good, but for different purposes.
  19. ca6

    BMW 535d: Diesel has come a long, long way... know a lot more on subject than me :) By Japan, do you mean for instance Mitsubishi's GDI engines? I've read that they have kind of a particle emitting problem?
  20. ca6

    BMW 535d: Diesel has come a long, long way...

    Exactly what you said there about the petrol engines is quite interesting, idletask. A lot of effort has been put on the petrol engines the last 10-15 years (VTEC and stuff like that), while there hasn't been much progress on the diesels. I think this tells that the petrol engines are beginning...