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  1. Hibbleton

    U.S Marines Rock out Britney Spears

    Fuck off
  2. Hibbleton

    Am I insane for wanting a muscle car as my 2nd car?

    I can't figure out why anyone would want a muscle car but if you got the cheddar go for it !
  3. Hibbleton

    U.S Marines Rock out Britney Spears HAMMER TIME at 2:28 !
  4. Hibbleton

    The Meme Thread

    @Pedrocas I don't get that one with the homeless man. Is that supposed to be funny because that just looks heartbreakingly sad
  5. Hibbleton

    Awesome Thread

    Your welcome boys....
  6. Hibbleton

    Awesome Thread

  7. Hibbleton

    Guests you'd like to see in Series 17

    I would like to see Mario or Marco Andretti be a guest.
  8. Hibbleton

    Random Thoughts....

    Time will heal old wounds. You don't want to be with someone who doesn't care about you anyways. Find somebody better. You can do it!
  9. Hibbleton

    Random Thoughts....

    The squirrels in my backyard are organized.....
  10. Hibbleton

    Post a pic of yourself

    Victoria posting that pic was like throwing chum in a shark tank. Lets all be classy gentleman...
  11. Hibbleton

    No 56k: The Top Gear GIF Thread

    This is a good one !
  12. Hibbleton

    Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]
  13. Hibbleton

    Homeless man builds himself a car so he can find work.

    That car he built probably has better acceleration than my mazda.
  14. Hibbleton

    Looks like they'll be ridiculing Canadians next

    It seems like every high end car America makes uses a freaking corvette engine. I think my old man's lawnmower has a vette engine in it. MADE IN THE USA. yes indeed
  15. Hibbleton

    Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Information/Trailer

    I bought the game the first day it came out. I beat it awhile back. One thing I was worried about b4 the game came out was that Ubisoft was going to skip out on the single player to focus on the multiplayer. And.... thats exactly what happened. I enjoyed the single player but felt it was short...
  16. Hibbleton

    Random Thoughts....

    I hate working a stressful job for little money