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  1. R!ck

    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Don't hit me with an e-hammer if I'm wrong, but is that a Convertible Turbo? I didn't know they made those
  2. R!ck

    Best Car/Van for a gigging Musician

    Just get one of these and leave your drum behind.
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    I don't think that Hummer is carbage, just because it has a lot of emotional value. If it were an other paintjob, then yes, it would be carbage. But this just isn't.
  4. R!ck

    TG is filming in Belgium

    Wow, this is brilliant! Now it also makes sense why they chose Belgium for the filming, seeing that the theme of the show is England vs. Germany (like in the WW, when they fought in Belgium). Really nice pics, good job!
  5. R!ck

    My 1988 BMW E30 M3

    Holy sh*t, I saw those pictures a while ago. I hope you don't mind I cropped it and put some visual effects on it and used it as my sig? This is one of the most beautiful E30 I've ever seen. Nice man, really nice.
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    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Oh My God, that is beautiful! It's a pity we don't have hotrods here in Belgium, or at least not where I live.
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    Oh no, it has an amazing 130BHP!
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    This car is for sale in Belgium. The price is 25000? (about 35000$ I guess). At first glance I thought this was a bargain, untill I looked at the pictures and discription... That's not even the best part: it's based on a ... VW Golf TDI 1.6. :D Here's the link for people who understand...
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    Richard and the Zonda...

    Think about it, where has Hammond driven the Zonda? France, mountainroads, ... If he would buy a Zonda, he would have to drive it in Britain, which isn't really that exotic and If I would have a Zonda and would have to drive it in Belgium, I would go nuts just because it isn't a car to drive if...
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    "Mid" engined

    You are pretty stuborn are you? Why ask the question if you don't want to accept the answer?
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    The Students Rally

    I think this is sort of aimed at universities in the automotive sectors. If you can "build" a car with your class as a project and then compete in this rally, it could perhaps be funded by your school. I really don't have no real knowledge about this, but it would make more sense to do this with...
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    I saw this beauty some weeks ago in front of a cafe where all the tuningsfreaks go. k750i + night = crappy pics.
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    Isn't this a Jaguar Mk II? Then I wouldn't exactly call it carbage...
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    Koenigsegg vs Bugatti

  15. R!ck

    Koenigsegg vs Bugatti

    It seems that somebody is already bored with the vacation... OT: I'd have the Koenigsegg instead of the Bugatti. They kicked ecomentalists in the nuts by making a "green" car that can rip your hip into pieces. Veyron is a poser's car (in my humble opinion)...
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    So he actually pasted a front bumper of the E90 and a rear bumper of an E60 onto a ex-brilliant car... and then tried to fool people he is driving the new Audi S5. I really love the professionalism of the tinted windows.
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    Is it me or is that E30 leaning to the right? There must be a very very big person sitting in the passanger seat...
  18. R!ck

    BritCar Pictures and stuff..

    Those are very nice pics. But how come you were allowed in the pits and at the drivers meeting? Did you have a VIP-pass or something?
  19. R!ck

    [10x08] December 2nd, 2007

    1.44.7 :blink: Damn, Lewis is one hell of a driver. How the hell did he do that in the wet and with Australian oil on the track? Pretty good episode.
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    I'm pretty sure this was a car they "pimped" in the British "Pimp My Ride". I would have killed the guy who came up with this idea if it was my car. On the other hand, I wouldn't have participated in the first place.