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  1. FliPP Car of the Year 2008 - Nominations

    Seriously, who the fuck put that 1er and A in the Family Cars category? Those are compact at best. Anyways here are my nominations: Superminis: Abarth 500 esse esse Family Cars: Ford Crown Victoria Compact Executive Cars: BMW e92 M3 Executive Cars: BMW e60 M5 Luxury Cars: Bentley...
  2. FliPP

    Streaming Video via Bittorrent

    It's working with our torrent as well, i tried it with the file from last week. However, it buffered every few minutes. Maybe it won't do that with a few seedboxes connected. Might as well try it during release day ;)
  3. FliPP

    I thought this day would never come...

    :( Bummer. Good luck, i still hope that everything will turn for the better for you.
  4. FliPP

    I thought this day would never come...

    Man tele, that sucks! I hope you get it back fast (in one piece) or that the insurance will pay you soon to get a other one.
  5. FliPP

    Oxymoronic Cars

    no shit sherlock...
  6. FliPP

    Oxymoronic Cars

    Renault LeCar: Get it? It's a Car, get it now? meh, forget it!
  7. FliPP

    SPY SHOTS - Mercedes CHR - R-Class replacement

    idk, i think it looks better than the original HHR (no idea why though) or even the R-class, though that doesn't say much o_O
  8. FliPP

    motorvision test track

    The track is acctually part of the Fahrsicherheitscenter Augsburg (Car test center) (it's in german though)
  9. FliPP

    NFS: Most Wanted Ladder

    here is another update, switched back to a silver one, that red started to anoy me :)
  10. FliPP

    3DMark06 Released!

    1543 at stock 500/1000 speed and 1728 after overclocking to 580/1150: Specs: Athlon 64 3000+ (venice core, stock 1.8GHz speed), Epox 9NPA+Ultra MOBO, Gigabyte 6600GT (128mb PCIe), 1GB Generic DDR-400 Ram (Dual Channel).
  11. FliPP

    NFS: Most Wanted Ladder

    here is an update of my time. Viper do you race with the keyboard or with an wheel?
  12. FliPP

    NFS: Most Wanted Ladder

    well, i improved a bit but i'm still slower then the rest :cry:
  13. FliPP

    NFS: Most Wanted Ladder

    here is my time, i did i it on the second run (i know i suck :lol: ), i try to improve it later tonight or tomorrow.
  14. FliPP

    New Camaro concept picture

    here is the first video of the camaro:
  15. FliPP

    The world?s fastest street legal car

    To be honest, i don't think this is the fastest steet legal vehicle in the world, i see many street legal drag cars here in michigan, plus it only has an insane acceleration. To my belive the Porsche Dauer 962 Le Mans is trully the fastest streetlegal car with a top speed of 404kph thats about...
  16. FliPP Shutdown by FOA

    Sorry but thats a load of BS, "F1" hasn't been copyrighted by the FIA nor the FOA. There are many websites out there that use "F1" in there name and none got shut down, why, because they don't have tv rips of copyrighted stuff (the broadcasts are copyrighted NOT the name F1). If you don't belive...
  17. FliPP Shutdown by FOA

    Formula One Administration Ltd. (FOA), so basically it got shut down because of the F1 torrents.
  18. FliPP

    Merc X-Class lives on

    Thats an O not a car or suv but still a MB letter vehicle.
  19. FliPP

    Merc X-Class lives on

    And you for got the O Class (Omibus). Cruzz - The V (Vito) is a kind of mini van.
  20. FliPP

    Merc X-Class lives on

    That look almost exactly like the new M-Class that went on sale here in the US this year.