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  1. aphu

    1980s Digital Dashboard Collection

    The closest thing we have today would be the dashboards used in the new Jaguar XJ and updated Range Rover.
  2. aphu

    Used Car Advice

    I am currently looking at purchasing a car and have come down to three choices: 1. B5 Audi A4 2.6L V6 or 2.4L V6 2. Alfa Romeo 156 2.0L Twin Spark 3. E36 BMW 328i Convertible All of these are automatic or semi-auto, and are priced fairly close on the used car market. The 328i however is...
  3. aphu

    What Have You Driven?

    A fairly standard list of cars that I have driven: 2001 Holden Astra Convertible 1995 Toyota Camry Vienta 1998 Toyota Vienta 1999 Toyota Prado 2003 Toyota Kluger 2002 Toyota Corolla 1985 Toyota Corolla 1994 BMW 318is 1995 BMW 540i 2000 BMW 330Ci Convertible The 540i was the most memorable...
  4. aphu

    [01x01] September 29th, 2008

    Not a bad effort, but the track angles were awful, the 911 road test was just dreadful. The Maybach test could have been longer, as the opening was quite good. The soft-roader test should have had more purpose. The news was fairly, interesting. They really need to improve everything.
  5. aphu

    Your favourite sounding car?

    Personally the Aston Martin V8 Vantage with butterfly valves is one of the best sounding cars ever, but my favourite is the Honda NSX, the V6 engine has this amazing growl when you're fanging it, in 2nd gear! :burnrubber:
  6. aphu

    Here my bit of '80's motoring:

    An Audi Quattro, must be in immaculate condition, must be a fantastic car to own! and drive :driving:
  7. aphu

    Got a 1995 Camry for <$500US

    Great buy, these SXV10R Camrys are very reliable and robust. 100,000kms ones are still going out at $9000 plus. I use to own a 1995 Camry Vienta Ultima V6. Very roomy with leather and rear spoiler, only problem was, the red burgundy paint began to peal. The V6 also isn't very thirsty as it...
  8. aphu

    Honda's Impossible Dream

    Excellent commercial, it's up there with the Accord Euro Commercial. I also like the appearances of the Honda NSX and S2000.
  9. aphu

    1999 Mistubishi Glant (My (sorta) First car!) Lots of pics

    Great looking car, like the chrome garnishes and the simple fake wood trim, good luck with it!
  10. aphu

    2008 Pontiac G8 Update; Standard/Optional/Colors

    Hope you yanks enjoy this great car, Awarded Wheels Car of the Year in Australia, this is a world class vehicle. From dynamics to fit and finish this car is comparable to a BMW 550i or Mercedes-Benz E500 in V8 form.
  11. aphu

    New spyshots of 2010 Opel Vectra/Saturn Aura

    It may look hedious, but the quality is would be much better than the Korean imported, Holden Epica which replaced the Vectra in Australia.
  12. aphu

    Top Gear Theme ..

    Thanks for that Turturelo Cheers
  13. aphu

    2008 Ford Taurus

    I think it looks awful, why don't they base it on the new Ford Mondeo from Europe which is a goodlooker, and dynamically much better.
  14. aphu

    Top Gear Theme ..

    can you send me a copy Turturelo, cheers
  15. aphu

    Top Gear Theme ..

    Can any of you guys give me a link for the TopGear Theme, i downloaded the Allman Brothers one but it was too long and didn't have that TopGear ring to it, cheers
  16. aphu

    Buick brings back the Park Avenue... for China

    The Holden Statesman/Caprice in Australia would make a fine Buick . But with the modifications completed by the Chinese it makes a great car an even better car. The interior of the Original Statesman, has been modified in many areas compared to the Buick version.
  17. aphu

    Best automotive magazines

    Over here we have Motor and Wheels which would be the equivalent of EVO and CAR. EVO has always been a great magazine, but I think CAR has decreased in good content its filled with too much advertisements. However the last April Issue with the SLR 722, Gallardo Superleggera was a great issue...
  18. aphu

    Redline: The Movie

    The release i here is pretty soon, and your right it has no real plot, but seeing those cars is already a reason to see it, but bad luck for me as this film won't be released in Australia.
  19. aphu

    My Acura RSX/Honda Integra

    I went on a cruise recently with many NSX owners up in Sydney, one of the guys had to sell his NSX as he was going overseas. A lovely 1991 Red with Black roof, 118,000kms, he's selling it for $64,500, not bad as his NSX is in immaculate condition. About your Integra, Easton Chang, a Wheels...
  20. aphu

    My 2007 Melb Motor Show pics. 56k GO AWAY!!!

    Great Pics watto, if you don't mind me asking what camera did u use?