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  1. Atmikes

    Someones pretty proud of themselves...

    this "article" is on there website since the EPIC koenigsegggggggg crash. (take a look at the pictures, have you seen the "special" TG spoiler on the back :P )
  2. Atmikes

    Lotus Exige Joins Policeforce (AU)

    they had this in the Netherlands a couple of years ago:
  3. Atmikes

    [09x03] February 11th, 2007

    it was funny, a bit anti-american, But i'm NOT comfortable with the way they treated the dead animals. Even a dead animal deserves a bit of respect in my point of view! :mad:
  4. Atmikes

    Rally Pilot manages to hit 29 Speedtraps

    Dura lex, sed lex... (the law is hard, but it's the law) 15.000? WTF:?
  5. Atmikes

    Mount Pinatubo Volcano

    maybe we can go together :blink:
  6. Atmikes

    Top Gear Wallpapers

    azuriana, you seem to be a real Hamster lover :blink: nice work!
  7. Atmikes

    Mount Pinatubo Volcano

    would like to come looks very special... but it's 11600 km straight from my place
  8. Atmikes

    [01x07] December 1st, 2002

    As you may have noticed, they always put the (nice) women in the front and the guys in the back when filming the presenters in the studio... :) I just noticed that they put a seriously unhappy (ugly?) chick on the right at this take: it's episode 7 from the first series @ about 47 minutes...
  9. Atmikes

    [09x04] February 18th, 2007

    a car review by The Stig? "Some say his blood is more flammable than methanol and his left foot is made of radioactive material!" Looks like a fun episode (at last!)
  10. Atmikes

    [09x01] January 28th, 2007

    It's never too late to talk about an episode of TopGear :) indeed there was a very special "atmosphere" around "Hamster", i guess it'll stay for a couple of weeks...
  11. Atmikes

    [09x02] February 4th, 2007

    hey, hey, that's right they even put the video on their website. I'm looking forward to captain slow going really really fast! And i know why nobody knows how fast the veyron can go: They are always out of fuel! (12,5 minutes worth of fuel at +230mph wtf :? )
  12. Atmikes

    Looks like people will be getting off of VUK's back for a bit

    I'm sure this downloading will not be for tommorow, there are too much issues on copyrighted content, like the music they use... I'm sure VUK will have is hands full with al the capping for some years to come (and maybe other cappers)
  13. Atmikes

    [09x01] January 28th, 2007

    There have been better episodes in the past, that's true. But after such a long wait i'm glad to have had my little shot of pure TopGear , insteed of those wanabees @ Fifthgear specially liked the roadworks too, haha i'm still laughing is it Jeremy Clarkson or "Barkson" ??? :D
  14. Atmikes

    WTF TG series 9 only 6 episodes long!

    :D absolutely right!
  15. Atmikes

    911 and Carrera

    Very nice :) at last, i know a bit more about this carrera stuff. thanx a lot guys!!!
  16. Atmikes

    911 and Carrera

    I still don't understand it too... but i know this so far: A carrera is always a 911 A 911 is not always a carrera the name carrera originated frome porsche's participation at that particular race. as mentioned before it seems that all the "normal" 911 are carrera's, the targa and more...
  17. Atmikes

    911 and Carrera

    i'd go for the GT3 RS and not the Turbo (it should be faster on a track) :rolleyes:
  18. Atmikes

    Good racing games?

    i do like GTR2 a lot and it supports the G25! so how is the G25, is it as good as they advertise? i do not have one (yet:P )
  19. Atmikes

    911 and Carrera

    thanks for the nice article! (i never knew Porsche did engineering with 8 cylinders in the early days.) so every carrera is always a 911 (until today), and every 911 is a carrera ( or is it just the more sporty editions like the 4S, GT, RS, ...)
  20. Atmikes

    911 and Carrera

    ok , i have this (stupid?) question that's been in my head for a while now: When is a porsche 911 a Carrera? (A Porsche owner told me: All 911's are carrera's!) someone who knows what's the truth?