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  1. maximus

    TG US hosts have no idea about driving off road?

    I think Tanner Foust may know a thing or two about driving off road.... Take the rental car off road challenge for example.
  2. maximus

    Top Gear The Worst Car in The History of The World DVD & Blue-ray

    I enjoyed it, apart from the odd ending. As a northerner I liked that they were in Yorkshire although I didn't understand why? T' Stig was funny though. Also Jezza, what's wrong with Whitby? :mad: He seemed so cynical when describing it, it's a lovely place!
  3. maximus

    OFFS Jezza , Shut it!

    While I wouldn't have complained, I did think it was a terrible ad, much like anything that company have produced!
  4. maximus

    Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson Cheats on Wife with Pretty Blonde

    It has gone very quiet through, backs up the it's bollocks theory to me.
  5. maximus

    Looks like they'll be ridiculing Canadians next

    And no doubt Canadians wouldn't give a shit like most other countries don't.
  6. maximus

    Jeremy in scuffle with paparazzo

    Is that the one where BA messed up his seat booking? If so the article you were referencing was complete bollocks, as explained in the comments section by the very person who had his seat "replaced". I'm not sure I condone Clarksons actions, but for some of the people who are defending the...
  7. maximus

    [03x01] October 19th, 2010

    I think it may have been a case of them filming then realising he was utter shit! I liked it, the two new presenters worked well and the challenge was good fun and wonderfully shot. But it did feel rushed. 7/10 for me, not bad.
  8. maximus

    James new face of London Pride beer

    Well good on him, it is actually a product he likes as well (and one I'm fond of as well as their banana bread beer)
  9. maximus

    Ben at Brands Hatch BTCC

    Some say it looks like he had a puncture to be fair.
  10. maximus

    [15x05] July 25th, 2010

    I had goosebumps when they played that. I also noticed 'There There' in the same film, and I'm sure there was another Radiohead song too!
  11. maximus

    Alister Campbell blogs on his SIARPC experience

    He makes some good points but my what an unsufferable twat he is.
  12. maximus

    [14x06] December 27th, 2009 [South America Special]

    Why don't you take it to PM or even deal with the criticism instead of going public about it? Not everyone will like what you say, deal with it, this is a discussion about the episode not your reputation, spoiler tags or not.
  13. maximus

    [14x06] December 27th, 2009 [South America Special]

    Great episode, I honestly think that's one of the best things they have done in years.
  14. maximus

    Top Gear demotivators

    One of them is dead however :(
  15. maximus

    First Pictures of Lotus' 2010 F1-Car

    Oh right, so which of the other competitors early designs have you seen then? :rolleyes:
  16. maximus

    Jeremy does it again

    Its flat out wrong that some twat has broken that guys window, but as ever according to them, its all Top Gears fault. Of course according to some people on there Top Gear have actively encouraged people to go out and damage Marinas. What rubbish! Top Gear is in no way responsible for any idiots...
  17. maximus

    Jeremy Clarkson's anger at ramblers who disturb his peace at lighthouse home

    Great attitude you have there. :rolleyes:
  18. maximus

    Stig sloppy v12 vantage lap

    And? Doesn't put me off wanting one!
  19. maximus

    The Alfa 8c from the Thriller DVD

    Rubbish. If that is true then why doesn't he criticise every car that he can't get on the customer list?