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    The "Song Stuck In My Head" Thread

  2. MPH

    [05x06] July 8th, 2014

    Best show over the last couple seasons.
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    [04x05] October 22nd, 2013

    The race (7 minutes long) was good, the other 37 minutes of the show was garbage. So according to my calculations, 37 minutes of garbage and 7 minutes of quality entertainment........I give it a 1.2, but I'll round up to 2.
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    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    People who load their children in the car then drive them 400 feet to the school bus stop, parking their cars in the road congesting traffic while their children sit in the vehicle waiting for the bus to arrive.
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    Posting and selling photos

    I stumbled across this recently
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    [03x16] April 2nd, 2013

    Good solid 9. No BS, just a nice snowy road trip/challenge.
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    [03x15] March 26th, 2013

    I didn't notice the slots but I did notice at one point when Tanner opened the door it had white door jams and another time it had red door jams.
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    [03x14] March 19th, 2013

    Best show this year. Gave it an 8.
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    [03x13] March 12th, 2013

    When the show ends and you realize you've been screwing around on your smart phone and paid zero attention to the last 20 minutes then it must have been a pretty dull episode.
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    [03x07] Jaunary 29th, 2013

    Take 3 old cars and figure out a creative new way to destroy them. It's getting kind of old and worn out. According to the preview next weeks episode will for the most part be the same thing.
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    The Funny Maths Thread.. which sometimes contains mildly amusing pictures

    Face swap app Face swap app [/IMG]
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    The Aviation Thread [Contains Lots of Awesome Pictures]

    Helicopter pilot rescues kid's RC plane from a tree. Helicopter pilot rescues kid's RC plane from a tree.
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    Porsche wants to make the Panamera look more attractive

    "Porsche wants to make the Panamera look more attractive" My first thought was good luck with that, like Sara Palin putting lipstick on her pig....or how ever it goes, then I saw the picture. I like it.
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    Unveiled: Meet America's first 30 MPG minivan: 2013 Transit (aka Tourneo) Connect

    Just what the world needs, another mini van, which will inevitably be driving below the speed limit in the hammer lane.
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    No 56k: Parked like an idiot

    [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    Top Gear Show/Site Suggestions

    The Mexico Challenge The Mexico Challenge How about "The Mexico Challenge". Start at Guatemala and head north to eventually cross the U.S. border, Navigating through illegal drug country, avoiding corrupt police and government officials, while trying to not be recognized as the TV show that...
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    Concept: Bentley EXP 9 F Concept

    Ugly as sin, but if they build it people will buy it.
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    US of A Presidential Elections 2012

    I can't believe the GOP debating has gone this long. Mit seems the only actual electable one of the bunch (and that's not saying much)
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    Top Gear Mix 2!