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  1. lws1984

    Feedback on a donation program/status?

    I'm a sucker for green badges.
  2. lws1984

    NYIAS 2019 - APR. 19 - APR. 28, 2019

    I should be able to attend! (Especially since I live an hour away. Hopefully I won't get sick like last year..)
  3. lws1984

    Chat Room [IRC Channel]

    yep, still down. welp.
  4. lws1984

    Random Thoughts... [Automotive Edition]

    I've got a 2003. Don't buy a turbo, buying a used turbo Subaru is usually a poor choice. I bought my Forester in 2011 with 65k on it, as of last week it's got 141k. Only time I've had to take it to a shop has been for doing regular prescribed maintenance (you must get the timing belt replaced at...
  5. lws1984

    Help altoid/dickbutt name his Chromebook

    Second vote for Whiskey. Even if Jack Daniels is more techincally categorised as bourbon. ;) Failing that, Jack (Daniels), Jim (Bean), or (Maker's) Mark.
  6. lws1984

    Brands you use

    Writing: outside of my beloved fountain pens, Pilot Precise V5. Every time. Winter/outdoor boots: LL Bean. Flashlight: Mag-Lite AA
  7. lws1984

    Ownership Verified: My 1990 Ford Sierra CVH

    :lol: Shows you how much I know about European Ford engines. [insert american flag here]
  8. lws1984

    No 56k: A thread about ninjacoco's balls

    oh no, it's back?
  9. lws1984

    Ownership Verified: My 1990 Ford Sierra CVH

    That cambelt is barely older than I am. Congrats on yet another excellently mediocre purchase! What does CVH stand for, anyways?
  10. lws1984

    Ownership Verified: I finally made up my mind on a car, My 2009 STi.

    Congrats! Love that colour on those.
  11. lws1984

    2014 FG Fantasy Baseball League

    Brilliant. My only goal is not to be dead fucking last this year.
  12. lws1984

    Ownership Verified: Giggles: altoid's 2004 Miata

    Congratulations on finally buying something! /s No really, good job. I eagerly await finding out what tall-person mods you end up doing.
  13. lws1984

    Concept: Ford S-Max II Concept

    I know Finland gets colder, but Subarus with frameless windows are successfully opened on a regular basis in sub-zero weather. Just ask anyone who lives in the cold bits of Vermont.
  14. lws1984

    Ownership Verified: 2008 MINI Cooper S - autocrossing car

    I think I'd go with a plain white plate, no euro-band. Especially since your car's also white. It would just throw an extra colour on there that you could do without, since you've got the whole white/black thing going on.
  15. lws1984

    Ownership Verified: My 1990 Saab 900S Turbo

    Very nice! I learned to drive in, among other things, a 900 Turbo which was also red. This brings back memories. Yes, it's a bit large, but trust me, you'll love that hatchback if you ever have lots of things that need moving.
  16. lws1984

    Ownership Verified: 2008 MINI Cooper S - autocrossing car

    Surely you mean 33-35 mpg? 33-35 mph is either too fast or too slow for Orlando traffic. Well, as a fellow Floridian with a car that's got the holes from a northern state that requires front plates, I'd get a UK plate. I'm quite fond of my dodgy Norwegian front license plate, and a Mini with a...
  17. lws1984

    The Positivity Thread aka "Today was a great day because....."

    Today was nice because due to some very lucky scheduling, I don't have classes on Fridays. Woo!
  18. lws1984

    2013 FG Fantasy Baseball League

    Oh my.