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  1. Fiete

    2008 24h Green Hell Race

    Your translations are absolutely correct. As far as I know the grid is divided into three classes, depending on the amount of power the cars provide. The Viper, Aston, Apollo, 911 GT3 RSR, BMW Z4M, Lambo and stuff started first, those VW Sciroccos equivalent cars after... erm... after the first...
  2. Fiete

    2008 24h Green Hell Race

    We can watch parts of the race live on TV on DSF (Deutsches Sport Fernsehen - german sports channel), but they're showing the Formula 1 qualification right now. They'll be back at the green hell @8:30 PM. Can't wait, the live stream is quite boring, they are not changing the cameras, and the...
  3. Fiete

    Got Bored... Photochopped

    Astounding, you made your photochopped racer look similar to a Lupo cruising around here in my neighbourhood. I'll take a picture of it when I see it next time. It's a light car, it might have a hinge at the rear end connecting bodywork and chassis. There's only a handle missing at the front...
  4. Fiete

    [12x02] September 10th, 2007

    Tiffs "That's not a spin that's not a spin that's not a spin" and Platos laughter were so amusing, I really like their shoot outs. They should shoot out a whole show in my opinion. The crash segment was also interesting, I didn't expect the Volvo to collapse that way. The Renault is quite...
  5. Fiete

    Post a pic of yourself

    That was my plan, but Top Gear includes explicit language. ... and his first words were: "oh cock!"
  6. Fiete

    Post a pic of yourself

    Thanks for your congratulations! In Germany we are using kilograms in common and grams for babies since we have the metric system. Here nobody knows what a pound or an ounce exactly is compared to a kilogram. And it's a shame to confess: neither do I. :cry:
  7. Fiete

    Post a pic of yourself

    Hi there, I'd like to intruduce myself, too. Since I don't have a username at yet, my father let me use his account, but I had to promise not to use the computer without supervision. Damn. My name is Piet, and I live here in... err... on this planet since Saturday, so that would...
  8. Fiete

    Post a pic of yourself

    How 'bout that: That's me on the Alster river in Hamburg. Me looking stupid on a wedding. Me and my wife looking stupid... to the extreme. EDIT: Oh I can look quite normal by the way, as you can see at my avatar... *cough*
  9. Fiete

    Tea, iced or not?

    Tea -> hot, never cold! Beer -> cold, never hot! But I have to admit: I don't start the day with tea, I prefer coffee till 'bout 4PM. Then I usally change to tea. That's better for my digestion system, 'cause more than five cups of coffee makes me always feel like vomiting myself.
  10. Fiete

    Most Beautiful Saloon car?

    I truely love the BMW '5er' E28. My parents had several of those, espacially the 528i and the 525e were great cars. Our 525e had a straight exhaust pipe for about 6 months which made the inline six sound mindblowing without being too pornographic. We lost our original exhaust during our summer...
  11. Fiete

    Bow down to your new overlord

    :bow:@Adunaphel: congratulations for your promotion! But what the hell does "MIA" mean? EDIT: hum I guess "missing in action", right?
  12. Fiete

    The "two fingers up" thing

    Two pints of beer, please...
  13. Fiete

    Mini cooper

    Thats indeed a stupid design. As it is written in the manual: "Notice that the clock is visible on left turns only. Please do not turn left without a left bend available. Mini is not responsible for accidents caused by drivers looking at the clock on straights. Asking the passenger is a wise...
  14. Fiete

    Naked German Lady + Ferrari = WTF

    It says "climate control broken?" She just bought some cigarettes and went back to the Ferrari (numberplate refers to Hamburg but I don't know her...) . The employee working at the gas station mentioned that she knows her since last year. Sometimes she gets there lightly dressed, sometimes...
  15. Fiete

    Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix (SPOILERS AHEAD)

    I saw the movie yesterday and was satisfied. Defenately the darkest Potter yet. The movie also felt shorter than 2 1/2 hours. I noticed that who killed at the end of the movie was the actress of in the movie . With that picture in my mind I expected her smoking cigarettes and explaining to...
  16. Fiete

    Topless Veyron

    I want a Veyron Pickup... Or what about a Veyron S-Max seven seater van? Or a Veyron SUV? It has 4x4 already... ...nnnnn..., better leave it in its original shape, please Bugatti! Or build a proper LeMans racing version, dammit!
  17. Fiete

    Topless Veyron

    This makes a crazy car even more insane... Speaking of that emergency soft cloth roof: doesn't the Gallardo Spyder have a certain topspeed restriction when using the roof? I guess it would be the same with the Veyron: Don't go faster than 120 mph or your roof will rip off... and that limit is...
  18. Fiete

    any production V8 FWD cars exist?

    Wow, that suspension is far beyond being soft... The Caddy is nearly laying on its door (upper picture) and still has all wheels on the road. :blink: Edit: Sorry, I was wrong: I guess the Caddy is not moving at all, but the driver weighed a ton.
  19. Fiete

    Which fuel type would your car on

    one drop of 95 octane for me, please.
  20. Fiete

    Driving a Vehicle with a Manual Transmission

    Nobody does that double-clutch stuff on upshifts, that's not nessessary in the age of synchonized gearboxes. My dad had to double-clutch while he was truck driver at the Bundeswehr (army), but that was in the late 60'. Nowadays you don't have to double-clutch on upshifts, nor apply throttle on...