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  1. Raheel

    Cool Videos

    I thought I might as well post a video I made recently of Kongsberg using my drone here: Welcome to subscribe and follow my channel if interested in more drone/travel videos :D
  2. Raheel

    Travelling Around Ireland

    I have finally started my own Travels Channel and will be starting by videoing Ireland. I'm still learning and will improve along the way (So don't be too harsh on me :p) I made my first video at the home town using a GoPro Hero 6... feel free to have a look. Some of you might have heard of...
  3. Raheel

    Random Motorsports Pictures

    Epic snaps guys.. I have quite a few photos that I took across several Motrosport events while I was in UK.. I'll upload them soon.. Net isn't too great at this part of the world I'm in now lol
  4. Raheel

    The "New Toys" Thread

    A new toy for me again :)
  5. Raheel

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Looks like a good comfy racing setup Viper!!
  6. Raheel

    The "New Toys" Thread

    New Build New Build After 7 years my previous PC finally gave up... So was time for a new build: Intel i7 6700k @4GHz Gigabyte Z170X-Gaming 7 Motherboard Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x16GB @3200MHz EVGA nVidia GeForce GTX970 Kingston 480GB SSD Happy times ahead :)
  7. Raheel

    Any of you here professional racers??

    So 10 years later I resurface to good old FinalGear, a lot has changed in the past decade, having joined with a passion for cars and anything to go with it, being an active member, I had quite a few dreams, one of which was always to be involved in Motorsports, so I did what I thought was the...
  8. Raheel

    Grand Theft Auto V: PC Edition

    I had that issue initially when i had first installed, so I'd cancelled and started over.. And it had installed with no issues!
  9. Raheel

    The great FG postcard swap!

    This sounds like fun thing to do... And its good to see the familiar theme after a decade lol
  10. Raheel

    The "New Toys" Thread

    These two babies :)
  11. Raheel

    The End Of An Era:'s Main Site Retired, Forums Will Live On

    The end of an era, end of a lot of dedication And hard work :(
  12. Raheel

    This site is a decade old later this month

    Ahhh the memories from the days gone by :yes:
  13. Raheel

    RESULTS - September Photoshop Competition

    some good chops, but definately need to see the two missing!
  14. Raheel

    July Photoshop Exercise

    We came 72nd out of 82... But we are pleased with that :) The fact that we made a car from scratch that ran is greater than any victory... Now for the chop.. I have a few ideas as well.
  15. Raheel

    July Photoshop Exercise

    Firstly... I want to apologise to all you lads who entered last month and had to wait weeks for the voting! I can see that you guys were efficient and managed to get the chopping running. Lots of speculations around... I am alive! I was on facebook regularly but the reason FG totally slipped...
  16. Raheel

    June Photoshop Exercise

    I dont mind finishing it on the 30th :) I just finished all my uni work so hooping to enter something....
  17. Raheel

    June Photoshop Exercise

    Ladies and Gents, The following image will be used for this months photoshop exercise: Deadline will be 26th of June..
  18. Raheel

    RESULTS for MAY II Exercise

    well done everyone!
  19. Raheel

    RESULTS for MAY II Exercise

    sorry for lateness...exams finished..been out enjoying since then and totally forgot i run the chops exercise here :p
  20. Raheel

    RESULTS for MAY II Exercise

    added late entry chop 13. I was in a generous mood.. those who have already voted, the votes will remain as they are, unless they decide to change their votes!