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  1. Alfa-GT

    The End Of An Era:'s Main Site Retired, Forums Will Live On

    Thank you for all the years of helpful news.
  2. Alfa-GT

    Best of eBay and Craigslist

    Small and bombed by stickers : Cinque
  3. Alfa-GT

    Diecast Models

    Ahh - the world is small :-) another user fom ;-)
  4. Alfa-GT

    Diecast Models

    More details to the 8C --> click me
  5. Alfa-GT

    Nurburgring Webcam

    And again at the RING :P And some busses too :? And driving :
  6. Alfa-GT

    JC - Duel "DVD 2009"

    Oh - maybe a repost. Search wasn't good enough. :oops: -> old thread ClOSED
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    JC - Duel "DVD 2009"

    Found it just on Amazon for preorder click me Out on November 2nd :D Does anybody knows more right now ? Ciao AlfaGT
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    Nurburgring Webcam

    This time & for the first time - it's me in my GT for 3 rounds NORDSCHLEIFE :cool::mrgreen::D
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    Servus aus M?nchen, da will ich doch glatt mal ein paar Alfa-Gr??e an Dich dalassen ;-) Woher...

    Servus aus M?nchen, da will ich doch glatt mal ein paar Alfa-Gr??e an Dich dalassen ;-) Woher stammen Deine Russischkenntnisse ? Mein Schulwissen (3.-12. Klasse Russisch) sind schon arg eingerostet. Ciao Alfa-GT
  10. Alfa-GT

    [1x05] March, 22nd 2009

    I do understand the russian language :cool:It's easier with subtitles, but they can give us an "unsubtitled" version as torent too ;)
  11. Alfa-GT

    [1x05] March, 22nd 2009

    No torrent ??????? :blink:
  12. Alfa-GT

    [01x04] March 15th, 2009

    I'm waiting tooo - want to refresh my russian school-knowledge !:mrgreen:
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    Diecast Models

    I got several models and especially of my Alfa Romeo GT. At least I found this one (1:43) via Ebay in HongKong: More pic's of the transformer Alfa GT : Click me
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    Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! In Germany today Series 4 will start in open TV and at 21st Januar ABC will start Series 5 with an Special :D Can't wait anymore :mrgreen:
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    Alfa-Romeo Mi.To official pictures

    Tuning Picture Another Tuning I love it :mrgreen: But I also have my GT :cool:
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    Nurburgring Webcam

    Just for you again:
  17. Alfa-GT

    FinalGear v3.5 LAUNCHED!

    Oh - what a fast change ;-) Here's my problem : in this thread : Carbage I cant change from site 96 to 97. Always, when I hit the "97" or the Next-button, the site reloads and stays at 96 ??!!!
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    Nurburgring Webcam

    There are more: Maserati MC12, Zonda, several Porsche and the Mazda :lol:
  19. Alfa-GT

    Third Watch

    Really a good series - i miss it :cry:
  20. Alfa-GT

    Ultimate "Sleeper": 215 MPH Alfa 164

    Yeah - the hottest Alfa :mrgreen: and that sound :?