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  1. Militant-Grunt

    Test drives that ruin your life and/or would you spend all of your money on a car?

    I drove the 2012 A8L with the W12 motor. While driving the world around you is really not important, such an amazing car in every way. Brimmed with tech and it hauls ass.
  2. Militant-Grunt

    I feel that since its a Bentley, you can actually get away with rocking that color. Looks classy.
  3. Militant-Grunt

    [17x01] June 26th, 2011

    9 out of 10 here, seems like Top Gear got back to its roots with this episode, no cocking about, just straight auto pornography.
  4. Militant-Grunt

    Help me find a RWD Sportscar... IN GERMANY

    Allegro is great, I sometimes just browse and wish I had access to some of those cars. I can't help but feel that once I go to Poland in the fall, that I will come back with my bags will of euro car parts.
  5. Militant-Grunt

    Help me find a RWD Sportscar... IN GERMANY

    Not quite RWD, but definitely in your price range, and will be the most fun by far =)
  6. Militant-Grunt

    [16x03] February 6th, 2011

    If they put that volvo into production, I will be putting down a deposit. Overall an 8, the zastava bit was funny initially, but I wish they rather took along the mulsanne instead =/.
  7. Militant-Grunt

    Prizrak hates Brooklyn roads (a sad story)

    I feel your pain, my first A4 went through 3 sets of wheels because of the roads in Manhattan. Now gladly living in LI I don't have to deal with this haha.
  8. Militant-Grunt

    YOUR most reckless driving stories

    90-100 90% of the way from MI to NYC in the S6 with a broken heater core lol.
  9. Militant-Grunt

    [15x07] December 21st, 2010 [Special]

    They were in my old neighborhood and I didn't even know it =(. Awesome episode. 9 here.
  10. Militant-Grunt

    [01x05] December 19th, 2010

    The GM bit compared to the BL bit seems a lot less fake. The BL segment that TGUK did felt overly scripted, while the TGUS did not, heck even the fact that none of the eggs actually broke in the road master felt a lot more entertaining than the already leaky eggs on the BL segment.
  11. Militant-Grunt

    What car maker are you most angry with?

    The only reason why I have a "at fault" accident, the ABS pump in my old disco went out on the highway, smashed into a Land Cruiser =/ Angry @ Audi for having the new 3.0T motor originally as a twin turbo motor and then ditching it for a supercharged version instead =/.
  12. Militant-Grunt

    BMW 330i vs VW R32

    The R32 is a great car, but it doesn't have nowhere near the same solidity as the E46. Ive driven both, the R32 is more so a boy racer, stiff as hell, suspension is nowhere near as sophisticated nor is it comfortable. While in the bmw, you have a car that is very comfortable, yet it pulls off...
  13. Militant-Grunt

    Explain your avatar

    Because once boost kicks in hard, so does the adrenaline =D.
  14. Militant-Grunt

    Dad's best/coolest car

    My Mom's old car, I had a lot of fun in this thing, learned to drive and offroad in it. Having fun at Jones beach there.. The other car was my dad's ML55 AMG, very capable truck, took it to a AutoX, started pouring, amazing how easy this thing would break loose and slide haha. I by far...
  15. Militant-Grunt

    Audi 1.8T reliability?

    If you can get your hands on a 04 1.8t or a 2003.5, you'll end up with the 6pseed gear box which dramatically improves economy. They're great cars, Ive had two 1.8t A4s, and now currently swapped out my built 1.8t for a 2.7t. (Kinda wish I didn't =/) The key things to look for in a used 1.8t...
  16. Militant-Grunt

    Car (and Motorcycle) register

    Please change me from a Audi A4 1.8t Quattro to a Audi A4 2.7t Swap =D.
  17. Militant-Grunt

    Zombie Apocalypse Car!

    Im thoroughly surprised no one mentioned one of these. Fast, maneuverable, can go anywhere, off anything =D.
  18. Militant-Grunt

    Just wrecked my car, need a new one @_@

    Depending on mileage. But if you swap in a AAN motor out of the UrS4 or UrS6, then you're having fun =).
  19. Militant-Grunt

    Second generation (1994?2002) Range Rover...

    As an ex owner of a 95 Series I discovery, all I can say is stay away. They're great offroad, extremely comfortable, and in some respects fun. But the need of having a tool chest in the trunk at all times, and a rather large savings specifically dedicated for maintenance. Its really not worth...
  20. Militant-Grunt

    Just wrecked my car, need a new one @_@

    I'd take a good look at an 1990-1993 Audi 80 coupe. The 5 cyl in the car is relatively reliable. Not to mention you can always convert that car into an S2...