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  1. blackwind

    [05x01] September 16th, 2022 - A Scandi Flick

    Watched this special a couple of nights back, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. At some points, it really made me feel like I was watching old Top Gear, not GT. I loved the choice of cars too - always a big fan of the STIs and Evos - and the scenery was breathtaking as well. That...
  2. blackwind

    Forum Suggestions/Issues

    Well, alrighty. I hope the What's That Song section will remain intact as I still use it to this day. I'll try that other search method for the time being, thanks!
  3. blackwind

    Forum Suggestions/Issues

    Any idea for how much longer the search function will stay disabled?
  4. blackwind

    [03x14] April 11, 2019 - Funeral for a Ford

    The Ford film was brilliant. I have a soft spot for the Sierra RS Cosworth and the Mondeo (the Mondeo is so rare in India, I've seen more Lamborghinis than Mondeos, and I always look back at it whenever I see one). And it wasn't just the cars that were amazing, it was the childhood stories of...
  5. blackwind

    [03x13] April 5, 2019 - GT Special: Survival of the Fattest

    Started this one with no expectations at all (I didn't watch the trailer or read any news) but by the end was very pleased with how it turned out. So many laughs, a bunch of surprises (including the lack of any major cringe moments, probably the biggest surprise), for once all three actually...
  6. blackwind

    [3x12] March 28, 2019 - Legends and Luggage

    Lancia film was brilliant. Love the Delta but the Stratos was just another level. And the soundtrack they used when introducing the new Stratos... looks like the sound editors finally got the hang of it. Conversation street was good. The police ramming moped theives was straight up GTA. And...
  7. blackwind

    [03x11] What's that song?

    Near the end when they are summing up their cars: 1:00:22 - Deadly Avenger - Fracture
  8. blackwind

    [03x11] March 21, 2019 - Sea to Unsalty Sea

    Just saw the episode and came here to find the thread, didn't see it so making it myself. So the latest episode is a mini-special road trip from Georgia to Azerbaijan, with Clarkson in a DBS Superleggera, Hammond in the new Continental GT and May in an also new M850i. In my opinion this is by...
  9. blackwind

    [03x06] What's that song?

    Thanks man! This song is also used in the Countach vs Testarossa test from the last episode.
  10. blackwind

    [03x10] March 15, 2019 - The Youth Vote

    Countach vs Testarossa test was great. Usually Hammond takes the Ferrari and James the Lamborghini so I was surprised to see them switch this time. The intro to conversation street has become one of my favourite things of GT because of how ridiculous each one is. The actual CS was just ok...
  11. blackwind

    [03x09] March 8, 2019 - Aston, Astronauts and Angelina's Children

    9/10 for me. The Aston Vantage review was brilliantly filmed and for the first time this season, the background music was actually good. I'm not a big fan of the new Vantage but I like it more now than I did before. Also some of the parts gave me strong Top Gear C7 Corvette Stingray vibes (go...
  12. blackwind

    [03x06] What's that song?

    It's Wildfire (instrumental) by Wulf Black, but the reddit thread where I found the artist says the song will be released on 29th March so will have to wait until then.
  13. blackwind

    [03x08] March 1, 2019 - International Buffoons' Vacation

    A strong 9/10 from me. I specifically did not watch any trailers or read any comments to see if I would really enjoy the episode without any idea what it was about and it totally worked! This was probably the best episode of the season so far. It started out a bit slow, but after they got...
  14. blackwind

    [03x07] February 22, 2019 - Well Aged Scotch

    The accidental "back to the studio" from Clarkson at the end alone is worth 9/10 from me. Just goes to show how deep Top Gear was, and is, in Jeremy's mind. The rest of the episode was no slouch though. Three quirky Italian cars, stunning Scottish roads and scenery and a reasonable balance of...
  15. blackwind

    [03x06] February 15, 2019 - Chinese Food for Thought

    THIS. The bridge shot was so awfully similar to the Japan episode. A car driving on it was missing though, and obviously the brilliant background music. The one thing about Top Gear that blew me away was the combination of the car, the scenery and the music all made into a beautiful piece of...
  16. blackwind

    [03x05] February 8, 2019 - "An Itchy Urus"

    My favourite episode of this season so far, because there wasn't a single bad moment anywhere in the show. The Alpine review was a much welcome change from all the super-expensive supercars they've been testing since the start of the show. My views of the A110 are the same as May. It's a...
  17. blackwind

    [03x04] - February 1, 2019 - Pick Up, Put Downs

    The Jaguar Project 8 was my highlight. The editing was pretty sweet and the car itself is mad. I don't know of any other sports saloon that looks like a BTCC race car right from the factory. The only thing that gets closest is maybe that Holden HSV GTS special edition that came with a bodykit...
  18. blackwind

    [03x01] - January 18, 2019 - Motown Funk

    It was a pretty decent episode. Good cars, good enough challenges, the usual banter but maybe some of the "jokes" were too lame (driving over vegetables, spoiling Jeremy's lap... not funny). I wish they concentrated more on the cars and the locations rather than desperately trying to make the...
  19. blackwind

    [25x03] March 11th, 2018

    Best episode of this season. Chris and Matt are getting along very well and this episode is proof. The track battle between the Civic Type R and LC500 was good (but I did want to see Ninja Stig's response, since he lost). Not a fan of those animations but I appreciate them being creative and...
  20. blackwind

    [2x11] - February 16, 2018 - Feed the World

    I had a few laughs but overall I think it didn't quite deliver as much as I expected (maybe I expected too much?). Especially for a "special". I'd say the first half was good, but the second half, after Jeremy modified his truck with the exhaust and they cut the poor Mercedes in half, I just...