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    Top Gear At Silverstone

    I spot ARSE and PENIS :P immature humour ftw!
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    These are a godsend in the operating room :) Need the ones with no holes in the top though... just trust me on that one.
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    Old Car Commercials

    This thread owns
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    Hick pickup riders owned big time by Z4 driver.

    It's illegal to carry a concealed weapon in Canada. Not saying it's impossible, just much less likely.
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    Final Exams are here...

    I've got my surgery rotation final tomorrow... two hours to answer 40 questions. I should be studying, not checking the forum :P
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    I had the flu to end all flus.

    Well if I recall properly, Strep bacteria can be part of someon's normal flora and therefore be passed on to someone whose body is naive to it and the recipient gets sick (if the species is pathogenic) - this is rare though, it was most likely a new infection. As for mono, it is caused by the...
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    I had the flu to end all flus.

    Heh well not an full blown MD yet (just getting into my clerkship) :P Your plan sounds like what I would do. At which school are you studying?
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    Saturn Sports Car?????

    I think it looks better than the Solstice. Now give me a hardtop with forced induction and I might have to snap one up when I graduate :D
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    No 56k: Post Your Desktop!

    gorgeous merc :woot:
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    I had the flu to end all flus.

    First Z Draci: I'd go to the doc's anyways to get a throat swab. If the culture comes back potitive for Strep, you need antibiotics or you might risk developing rheumatic heart disease (really is a silent killer). You're probably right that it's mono though given the story and the...
  11. JspotMD

    I had the flu to end all flus.

    If you can give me a little bit more information I can probably tell you exactly what you had. Any diarrhea? what was the consistency of the vomit, any blood in it. Can you describe the bile. What about your fever, any pattern to it? Any pain (intensity, localization, radiation to any...
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    Sweetener linked with Cancer!!

    Only the dose makes the poison. Water, in high enough doses, kills you very easily (and it's a nasty way to go ) :thumbsdown:
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    Sweetener linked with Cancer!!

    Also remember that we are now much better at detecting cancers and that the increase in rate is in small part due to this (usually with comorbid cases). People are living longer now... gotta die of something eventually. Someone that would have been taken out by malaria is now dying of other...
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    Got my drivers license :D!!!

    Congratulations and welcome to the club (I've been there since Dec 13th 1998). Enjoy the roads and be safe. :thumbsup:
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    Sweetener linked with Cancer!!

    Give me a reputable medical journal article please. No bullshit. As far as I know, as long as you don't have Phenyketonuria (PKU) aspartame isn't bad. If you're going to bring up the methanol issue, a glass of grape or tomato juice has more methanol than a few cans of...
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    [07x05] December 11th, 2005

    I got all excited about Veyrons racing... then I read it..."Miller Motorcars" just some swanky exotic car dealer :(
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    Top Gear Magazine Scans >>>148<<<

    Thanks again for the scans.
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    US ex-gang boss denied clemency

    And killing them is the only way to do so. :roll:
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    I know who the STIG is

    It's a helmet brand.