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  1. fnp

    James May's Top Toys James May on toys of old versus toys of today - mecanno and lego and so on. It's great!
  2. fnp

    So is "Top Gear" ever going back on air in the states

    Look what happened when Australia tried to copy Top Gear. We got that awful waste of television time called Drive. An American version will be even worse, in the land where saying anything remotely bad about a corporate product will result in you being sued or shot.
  3. fnp

    Grumpy Old Men At Christmas

  4. fnp

    Grumpy Old Men At Christmas

    *bump* Anyone got a rip of this? Can't find it on mininova or uknova.
  5. fnp

    Best of the Races

    DB9, the original and the best!
  6. fnp


    Glad it's not just me :) it's also quite hot in Perth, looking to get a few 40-ish days before too long I'd think.
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    Works in Opera 8.5. Only problem is that it's bloody annoying :( am I the only one who hates Christmas?
  8. fnp

    [07x01] November 13th, 2005

    It looked kind of like a Focus XR5 to me? the one with the turbocharged inline-5 Volvo engine.
  9. fnp

    [07x01] November 13th, 2005

    Did anyone catch what was written on the bit of paper JC had at the very end of the show, reflected into the monitor? It might be the one he used to make hammond and may shut up earlier... edit: ugh, blind. I was looking away for the couple of minutes before the very end :( Ignore me.
  10. fnp

    [08x03] October 24th, 2005

    Was that an AU Falcon at 35:39 in the 24 hour race just after a car spun?! It looked suspiciously like one.. wtf was it doing in a Brithish 24 hour endurance race..
  11. fnp

    08 pontiac GTO

    That had better not be the new Commodore :/
  12. fnp

    [06x10] July 31st, 2005

    Is it just me, or is there a lot of Aussies around here... and as it also just me, or do a lot of people comment on the attractiveness of various chicks on the show... Maybe I need to get some sleep.
  13. fnp

    [06x09] July 24th, 2005

    But it was only a mini.. it can't be that difficult. Imagine if they had to restore the probe from a clockwork orange! And I want to see the HSV :( although there was kinda one on the last episode... I'm almost certain the Dubai cop car was a VT/VX Commodore.
  14. fnp

    [06x09] July 24th, 2005

    But that's what makes us love Jeremy so much!
  15. fnp

    [06x09] July 24th, 2005

    Next week we should get the Monaro (mentioned after the Cadillac CTS-V review) and the restored Mini (from restoration ripoff in the last season). I have a funny feeling we won't see either :(
  16. fnp

    [06x06] July 3rd, 2005

    I think that's correct. If you look carefully between 4:29 - 4:31 (as he overtakes the Monaro), JC passes a Range Rover with what looks suspiciously like camera gear strapped to the back of it.
  17. fnp

    [06x06] July 3rd, 2005

    There was a Monaro at 4:25. Wonder when it's on?
  18. fnp

    BMW M1 revived!

    I could picture something like a 1-series 140i with a V8 crammed into the engine bay. If they could fix the horrible styling it could probably be a potent hot hatch.
  19. fnp

    Anyone you want to see drive the Liana?

    David Couthard. I'd like to see him race the Liana and manage to come third with no-one else on the track.
  20. fnp

    How fast have you ever gone?

    240km/h in a povo-pack base model Ford BA Falcon XT with 240kw (150mph and ~320hp for the people using the inferior system :P)