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    Practical First Car...

    besides RWD cars aren't that hard to drive in the winter as long as you know the basic knowledge of driving a RWD car. So if you buy one find an empty space where you can practise a bit and you'll have no problems driving even it would be very slippery and also like MXM said tyres are very...
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    Winter Shoes For My Baby

    yep I'm still on summer tyres, but in a few days i'll chance them. There has been a few slippery mornings already. Just hoping that there will be lots of snow coming and soon so i can ride with my snowsled :mrgreen: .
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    1st anniversary visiting this site

    My first visit here was when this site looked liked this a lot has changed from that :) .
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    [05x02] October 31st, 2004

    GTI-magazine what a waste of time...i'm a bit shame to tell that i ordered that mag when it was launched, but after first order period i stopped it and really haven't missed that at all.
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    [05x02] October 31st, 2004

    thanks zenon for the welcoming i had a huge problems with a router and it didn't let me write anything here, all I got was "this page contains no data" error. Turned out that it was broken, but now i have a new one and it's working greatly.
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    [05x02] October 31st, 2004

    My max DL speed was actually raised this weekend from 1M to 2M, I think the reason for slow download is that i'm connected only to a 100 seeds/peers and they can't provide me more speed, but that's OK i'm in no hurry :) .
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    [05x02] October 31st, 2004

    coming strongly at 30 - 35 KB. Noticed some funny thing, i'm connected to a 100 peers and 22 (23 inc. me) is from Finland, so pretty good efford from the small population country :) .
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    Battle: DB9 & Bent.Co.GT & Enzo & Murcielago &am

    This was pretty tough decision. Before i had watched the Fast Cars movie i would have chosen the CGT in a second, but that film gave me a hole new idea of Ferrari. I know they are good in what they do, but didn't realize that they spend so much time doing research on making the cars more...
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    Like kte01 said a Ford Escort could be a great car. It's quite easy to find spare parts IF you manage to crash the car, besides considering it has a strong racing background it is pretty easy to find racing parts to it also, if you want to make it handle better and more power. But if i were you...
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    Yep i have been few times in a trackday event. Actually i have also driven a few times too, but not with my own car. My own car doesn't suit very well to the track (big and heavy). I have driven my brothers car, which is big and heavy :) also, but it has lot more power than mine has so it's lot...
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    The Annual and Official Gumball3000 race

    Maybe you can call me boring, but i wouldn't participate. I mean what's the fun in driving when you have driven 2000 miles without a decent night sleep. Few times i have had to drove a car when i'm extremely tired and let me tell it's far from pleasuring exprerience. Besides if i were a rich man...
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    Sometimes it's nice to have your parking spot taken

    Writer was lucky guy... Seems like every country is full of those stupid SOBs or is it just too much for their intelligence to learn even one thing, which is drinking and driving doesn't suit very well together.
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    What should I do if I get a better version of an episode...

    Don't worry about quality that much. Looking at these current releases their quality has been fine, atleast for me. Maybe you should rename that option B, because there is a little confusion that do you mean the older wmv vids or the newer ones, cause you can't even compere the quality between...
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    Bandwidth Caps

    NP :) . I try to seed as much as I can.
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    Bandwidth Caps

    I'm with kte01, limits sucks. I pay from my DSL connection about 58 ?/month (1Mb D, 512Mb U). If I had so strict limitations I could only surf a week or so. Best weeks overall bandwidth use is around 20-30 GB, 70% of that is from uploading. Like yesterday I only seeded Vipers torrents and end of...
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    Nightwish new album

    Yeah, Nightwish Rocks! I don't usually buy CDs, but this one i just had to get. Their hole album is absolutely amazing, although it's kind a short. BTW. How does that finnish song hits you?
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    Azureus - Java BitTorrent Client

    Probably I'm the last one to know, but I found a good plug-in from the Azureus homepage. It shows that which country the downloader is from. Now it looks pretty strong that most of them are from US.
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    Rotary Engine discussion

    Heheh...Here in good old tax paradise fully loaded RX8 costs about 61000 ?uros
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    Your Track day toy

    Heh...and I think it's much more better looking than that Lotus, but then again i'm looking things through Opel glasses :) . But i think that i'm going to sell this VXR220 and buy that opel from zeffez :D , looking damn good.
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    Your Track day toy

    I have to go with xkwilson and take that Vauxhall, but not the basic vx220. I'll take this tuned version VXR220. Almost every part in this special version is upgraded from the original and it goes from 0 to 60 in 4,2 s. I just love it.