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  1. agreen182

    Welcome to XenForo

    Hell yeah! So pumped to see the site is back, I learned about TG from this place in like 2006 and downloaded every episode from links on the old site forever. Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. agreen182

    The End Of An Era:'s Main Site Retired, Forums Will Live On

    You are 100% the reason I'm a top gear fan and have been able to evangelize my friends into liking the show. I somehow stumbled across this place about 9 years ago and have loved the show ever since. Sad to see it go, but stuff can't last forever I suppose. Thank you for bringing me the best...
  3. agreen182

    Season 2 episodes with news available?

    Hey guys, I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything on it. First of all, I loooove this site. I get every episode here weekly and have done so for years, I have every TG episode saved to my computer and it's fantastic! The only thing missing from my collection are the...
  4. agreen182

    [16x00] December 26th, 2010 [Middle East Special]

    Fan freaking tastic. I loved it. Not quite a 10 (not sure there ever has been a "perfect" episode) but close enough. Just so great. And as an aside, I certainly wouldn't be against this model for the show- shorter series runs but with 1 or 2 specials in between so it's not a 6 month break...
  5. agreen182

    [15x07] December 21st, 2010 [Special]

    Totally fan bleeping tastic episode! I must say I'm a bit confused as to how this is working, are there 2 specials and then the new series starts in january or something? Fine by me, I'm just wondering why in 15x07 they're doing a preview for the next season...either way, the preview looked epic...
  6. agreen182

    [01x01] November 21st, 2010

    I think they do, but it's pretty hard to find 3 people who have good chemistry off the bat, and that's why TGUK is so great. It's all about the hosts. None of the spinoffs have had hosts that could approach the big 3, and without that no top gear version can really survive. Agree with most...
  7. agreen182

    [01x01] November 21st, 2010

    Yes, TGUK obviously had growing pains as well, but the VERY FIRST SEGMENT of that show was Jeremy taking the berlingo to that gin palace. And that was awesome. That's what an awesome host can do, and that's what the US version needs- a good host capable of carrying the show through the rough...
  8. agreen182

    [01x01] November 21st, 2010

    Couldn't disagree more. TGUK had one thing from that beginning that US doesn't: Jeremy. Huge personality and the ability to carry a show by himself. Obviously it's not fair to compare the US hosts to him, because it's not fair to compare ANY host to him. My .02: Tanner is the best of the 3...
  9. agreen182

    [15x05] July 25th, 2010

    I get what you're saying, but they beat the Ultimate Aero by 10 MPH.
  10. agreen182

    [15x05] July 25th, 2010

    I'm sorry, Cruise and Diaz had absolutely no personality. That whole interview seemed totally forced, and Clarkson had to suck up to them the whole time. WTF liking Cruise's bikes?! Give me a break. And there is no way in hell they had the two fastest laps. (I mean, I know they SAID they did...
  11. agreen182

    [14x06] December 27th, 2009 [South America Special]

    I haven't even gotten halfway through it yet and already I know this is simply the best episode of top gear ever made. That poll needs to go up to 20
  12. agreen182

    [13x07] August 2nd, 2009

    Im scared sh*tless that the shows over. That Aston film was the best/worst thing I've ever seen them do. It PERFECTLY summed up what Top Gear is all about, and that's why it's so terrible. It really makes me think they're done, though Jeremy mentioned something about returning in November so...
  13. agreen182

    [13x01] June 21st, 2009

    IM SO EXCITED!!! I absolutely LOVE these 2 times of the year when we're finally going to get new top gears. I've watched the old ones so many times I know them by heart and CANNOT WAIT to see the new stuff. Also, eff the people who blabbed the spoilers. That is so freaking lame. Thanks for the...
  14. agreen182

    [12x04] November 23rd, 2008

    The whoooooooosh of the Veyron sounds really cool to me, actually. It sounded almost menacing.
  15. agreen182

    Season 13 Start Date

    No stig's communist cousin, either.
  16. agreen182

    Season 13 Start Date

    Hah you're not alone there. I can pretty much quote all of them. There are just no other shows that are so watchable
  17. agreen182

    [12x08] December 28th, 2008 [Vietnam Special]

    Top gear- the long way round edition! It was a lot of fun, but not my favorite special. It just didn't seem to have the flow of the American or African specials. I loved the scenery and now want to go to Vietnam, but it just seemed to be missing something somehow. I'd say 7/10. Not brilliant...
  18. agreen182

    [09x05] February 25th, 2007

    Definitely add me to that list. I have every season on my HD, and 2-7 are pure magic (Reeeeealy didn't like Jason). Starting with 8, the whole show seems to have gone downhill. 8 was decent, but I must say that this season has really been disappointing. Scripted, too many stunts (WTF is a...
  19. agreen182

    [08x00] February 12th, 2006 [Winter Olympics] :thumbsup:
  20. agreen182

    [08x00] February 12th, 2006 [Winter Olympics]

    check the site for dling tg episodes, Its got biosphere cds