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  1. MXV

    [25x04] March 18th, 2018

    2CV for the win! And if you don't recall Chris' earlier ode to his 2CV, here that is.
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    MX5/Miata Thread

    Former: 1990 NA, Mariner Blue, turbocharged 2007 NC PRHT, Stormy Blue Mica / saddle brown leather, supercharged 1990 NA, Mariner Blue, track build Current: 2016 ND, Crystal White Pearl / black leather, supercharged This is my car: Many photos of it...
  3. MXV

    Top Gear UK new season

    I'm looking forward to this in about an hour's time...
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    Top Gear: When is Next season/episode on? or Google Patagonia torrent
  5. MXV

    Where do we find the shows now? and when that doesn't work,
  6. MXV

    [05x04] June 24th, 2014

    We're jumping the shark now...
  7. MXV

    Should we ditch our custom filename format in favor of the Scene's?

    Neither is great...I rename anybody's feed to: Top Gear - S21E01 - 2014-02-02.mkv (for the first episode)
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    MX5/Miata Thread

    Raise / lower your lids, with the four screws that hold them on.
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    MX5/Miata Thread

    "Elvis", FM's NB prototype car (the subject of the article), was originally a 2.0L stroker with turbo kit. The weight prior to and post conversion was within pounds, and the balance was actually better, as 1/3rd of the added weight is on the rear axle, due to the diff change and sub-frame. The...
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    MX5/Miata Thread

    In the newly re-branded Road & Track, May 2013 issue, you'll find a one-pager about Flyin' Miata's V8 conversions. A good review. To quote:
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    911 porn
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    [02x12] March 6th, 2012

    I'd wager a lot that when they market it on DVD, it'll be Season 3.
  13. MXV

    [02x12] March 6th, 2012

    So why is it, four episodes into the 3rd season, that the torrent creators are still getting the Season / Episode notations wrong? WTF?
  14. MXV

    [18x06] March 4th, 2012

    Cracking effort...good job boys!
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    Clarkson: Which episode is it where Clarkson says something akin to...

    Thanks! That's it. To quote: If you buy a rubbish car, what you are saying is: ?I have no interest in cars.? If you have no interest in cars, you have no interest in driving. And if you have no interest in something, it means you are no good at it, which means you must have your driver?s...
  16. MXV

    Clarkson: Which episode is it where Clarkson says something akin to...

    I'm looking for the episode in which Clarkson is on a bit of a tirade about drivers chosing a poor car as being akin to not driving well, and not driving well is akin to not caring, and not caring akin to why drive in the first place... Any help?
  17. MXV

    Did Jason Plato leave 5th gear??

    He's still seen in the crowd of four walking along at the beginning of the Team Test segments.
  18. MXV

    Car (and Motorcycle) register

    You can add a 2007 Volvo V70R to my (to me) winter beater. ;)
  19. MXV

    no upload of season 2 episode 8 yet?

    Yes, I do mind a SD, and it's hard to archive for later viewing. Shame that no torrent's out's been days (or should that be daze?).
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    ^^ or somebody who loves the Canadian flag an awful lot.