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  1. asthenia

    Random Thoughts....

    True fact! The US government is planning to give $700,000,000,000 to banks. If you take a regular bundle of 100, $100 bills ($10,000), and stack 7 of those together ($70,000), you have a pile of money about the size of a brick. Now you've got ten million of those piles. The Empire State...
  2. asthenia

    Road Rage Picture Story

    I think this whole story is funny. Whoever was driving that Polo thought they were so fast and aggressive and scary. GRR IMA GETCHOO. Like an angry panda or something.
  3. asthenia

    Speed Limits KILL

    It's not just about the likelihood of an accident, but how bad it would be. If you're going 180 in a Civic and you hit an animal, or a tire blows out, you haven't got a chance. At 110 or 120, things might be different. I'm not saying I agree with the speed limit, but going fast on the Stuart...
  4. asthenia

    Best engine idle sound?

    The way I see it, the offbeat idle just shows that the engine is perfectly tuned to work under high load, with no compromises. If it sounds like it's running properly at idle, what's being lost at peak?
  5. asthenia

    Melbourne International Motorshow 2007

    If you could turn it off, you'd just slither around with no steering. FWD FTW. :?
  6. asthenia

    Some running costs for exotics from EVO magazine

    I bet the clutches on Lamborghinis last way longer if you don't choose e-gear. Save some money up front too.
  7. asthenia

    Melbourne International Motorshow 2007

    I'm totally going. Can't wait to see how it compares to Toronto (Holden vs. Buick, hmmmm....) I wonder if Alfa will have the 8C on display?
  8. asthenia

    'American Special' Complaints: BBC Response

    The NASCAR SUCKS stuff was funny. Alabama rednecks getting offended at what's obviously a joke, is 2x funny. Viewers getting offended at rednecks getting offended at a joke is 3x funny. People here getting offended about viewers getting offended about rednecks getting offended, is 4x funny...
  9. asthenia

    Driving in Australia

    Now there's one more. :mrgreen: I love it here.
  10. asthenia

    Driving in Australia

    This is a good start. I love free advice. :) The speed thing in particular could be a problem, since I'm used to driving in Toronto. (I clocked 160 yesterday, no sweat.) But Melbourne sure beats ?20C with salt blowing across the ice on the road. Just a few hours now...
  11. asthenia

    Driving in Australia

    Okay, so I'm moving to Melbourne tomorrow. I've done my reading, I know how to use a roundabout (done a few thousand miles in the UK), and I think I get this whole "hook turn" concept, but other than that I'm clueless. Can any Australians help a guy out?
  12. asthenia

    Cars of 1973

    I second that. (I've been driving one for 5 years)
  13. asthenia

    The Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 5 Cylinder sounds quite nice actually.

    So why is it that Volvo's 2.5L inline 5 has been making 168hp for 15 years?
  14. asthenia

    Recognition of Final Gear by Top Gear production team

    I bet they all read these forums from time to time. Andy, we can tell when you're covering a dearth of films with stretched out studio time. We can tell what's plainly scripted (hello trailer fire), we can tell when Jeremy's so satisfied with a clever metaphor that he re-uses it, we can even...
  15. asthenia

    variable compression

    There's no need for this technology. It was obsolete before it ever got to market. When hydraulic valvetrains become the New Thing, they'll be able to fake out the variable compression effect by fiddling with the valve timing in real time. More boost, more overlap. Kind of like VVTi meets...
  16. asthenia


    Crushed up the side of one of your cars yet, pimpinteddy? Powersliding is like foreplay. It's harder than it sounds, it's all about gentle nuance, and nobody is good at it the first time. Nobody.
  17. asthenia

    Perfect Driving Position?

    Think slightly bent. Knee slightly bent with the ball and toes of your foot on the floor under the brake pedal. Right elbow slightly bent with your hand on the shifter in 5th gear, and left elbow slightly bent when you grip the wheel. (Reverse the hands in UK/AU/SA/JP, obviously -- no driving...
  18. asthenia

    Gun Control doesn't bloody work!

    This is all so ridiculous. Why all the arguing about guns when the solution is right in front of us? Make murder illegal.
  19. asthenia

    Weed Smokers

    It's not the same. I know people who swear by vapour but to me it just feels like high altitude or something. Whoo, the room smells funny, let's have some more.