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  1. Bunglejph

    The celebrity situation... it's getting worse

    the format is ok to me... glad they are doing something with them. The problem is that its only ever as good as the guest.. some are good.. Ross Noble Chris Hoy for example... but most are at best ok. That means that if they are not good then you are stuck with them for a long part of the show...
  2. Bunglejph

    [24x06] April 16th, 2017 - Cuba

    a solid 7 + 1 for having a third gen Camaro in it!
  3. Bunglejph

    [24x03] March 19th, 2017 - DB11 vs. S63 / GTI Clubsport

    Solid but yes affected by the guest ( this needs to be a lot shorter) Genuine LOLs at the line 'suspects are Joey from Friends and a man in a bad jacket'
  4. Bunglejph

    Top Gear USA is back from the dead and headed to BBC America

    Well from what I have read elsewhere, they are not just changing the presenters but rebooting the format to the UK version i.e. studio, track, star guest etc so time will tell how well that works. In my view, the old TGA only started to appeal once they went their own way and allowed chemistry...
  5. Bunglejph

    [01x09] January 06, 2016

    I have to say that, so far, I have enjoyed it. The tent parts are improving, they have had some genuinely great films..Trinity, GT40 etc, I enjoyed Namibia, the cocking about is no more scripted than it was before. The only thing I would want them to is to tie in what they are doing with where...
  6. Bunglejph

    [23x01] May 29th, 2016 -- First Episode With New Cast

    Turning someone pale through a fright or scare is a common saying regardless of the ethnicity of the person being referred to. Why would this be odd?
  7. Bunglejph

    [23x01] May 29th, 2016 -- First Episode With New Cast

    I have never seen those words in the same sentence....
  8. Bunglejph

    [23x01] May 29th, 2016 -- First Episode With New Cast

    [I] To be fair it wasn't supposed to be so one sided as it was supposed to be Ramsay and Brad Pitt apparently
  9. Bunglejph

    [23x01] May 29th, 2016 -- First Episode With New Cast

    First off I will say I tried to watch it as its own show without comparing it to the last incarnation. Most things look bad compared to previous versions when you first look at them that way - film sequels or reboots anyone? Overall I felt it was a solid opening show. They seem to have kept...
  10. Bunglejph


    Hi there, Long time TG watcher (even back to the old format) and long time lurker/ downloader here. Recent whining on the episode reviews have led me to register so that I can actually reply to some of them. Car history is pretty varied but with a definite Camaro fixation (currently own my 6th...