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    The WTF Japan thread

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    Grand Theft Auto V

    NB! could contain spoilers: If its not complete BS, in which case dude should be crucified 1) we might get Miuras, Countaches, and Aventadorishers 2) Holy shit this is going to be epic :w00t:
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    Ford Staghorndeo?
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    The Euro 2012 qualifying thread

    When was the last time Christian Poulsen played a good game? I think we just have to admit that until we get a proper midfield, we will be fighting with countries like Iceland and Cypress :(
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    Global Warming 10:10 Campaign ad

    Evidently not:( Unless of course their website is also sercastic.
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    'Fake' Togo football team at Bahrain

    Actally he is the former coach
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    'Fake' Togo football team at Bahrain :lol::blink::lol:
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    The "Song Stuck In My Head" Thread

    So, Danish lorry drivers decided out of epic rondomness to make a new commercial a couple of weeks ago, and now this beloved composition has filled me up with joy. GET IT OUT!!!:mad:
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    Do you think YOU can drive in the UK?

    Youth driving FTW grandpa :mrgreen: how was the test in the last millinium? and more importantly, how much did it cost?
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    Do you think YOU can drive in the UK?

    50/50 with 38 min. left. but our test is very similar
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    Small things that you notice in Top Gear

    I know he's small and all, but if his existence is the only thing you have noticed during 15 seasons of Top Gear, you my friend need some glasses.
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    What little foibles do yo have aka the How OCD Are You? Thread

    I never celebrate Birthday, and the only reason I celebrate Christmas and New Year is to keep the family happy. And i pretty much hates everything that has something to do with these days.:dunno: I'm terrified of elevators, I always take the stairs no matter how high up I'm going. whether it...
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    Euro Final Gearians, winter/spring clothing help required.

    Since you'll probably just be walking around, i would say that a good warm coat/jacket, some good gloves, and some thick socks are all you need. other than this your ordinary clothes should be enough. And the rain, I guess even an Australian will know what to do with... :)
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    Cool Videos

    This thread must be more appropriate then 'Post a Pic of yourself':lol:
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Woops wrong thread:mrgreen: I'm the poodle on the left I'll change it now
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    Post a pic of yourself

    Never mind.
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    Gaming-Laptop Update. Worth it?

    You'll be surpriced of what cheap'ish notebooks can play today, I just found out that my little Asus UL30VT can play even a massive game like bad Company 2, not with all settings on high or even medium, but still.
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    What's FinalGear's IQ?

    WOW over 70% of Finalgear, either are geniuses or close to being it :hmm: anyway it also told me I had 130 with 7 minutes left