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  1. optimusprime

    Over 600 boffins offer dissent of man-made global warming

    Given: Humans cause warming. (for purposes of argument) Consider: Tropical rainforests exist in the warmest parts of the world. Tropical rainforests are among the most beautiful places in the natural world. Global warming will cause more parts of the world to be amenable to rainforests. Ergo...
  2. optimusprime

    Daily Fail: Jesus born on June 17. Christmas will now have to be rescheduled...

    Unfortunately you can't parthenogenerate a dude (XX + 0 != XY), which just leaves "really really good at sticking to her story."
  3. optimusprime

    MPAA to Obama: censor the Internet, kick people off the Internet, etc.

    If it's overpriced, we the market have a duty to tell them. As it stands, we have a binary Hobson-oid choice - pay ~$10 to watch it or don't. Now, given that we've already decided "don't," what harm is done by watching it for $0? I have sent Hollywood the important message that "I am willing to...
  4. optimusprime

    What would you do?

    Because you were caught on spy satellite using a downed power line as a lasso to retrieve a baby from a burning building? That'd be awesome.
  5. optimusprime

    What would you do?

    If you got to actually watch someone die, I have two points about living with it: 1) Unless you're a high-level medical provider (trauma surgeon?) it's unlikely you could have done anything. 2) You're not complicit in the act of death-causing; that burden lies squarely on the shoulders of the...
  6. optimusprime

    2008 coolest year since 2000 - with amusingly deceptive graph

    You're mostly right and partly probably right. I'm reasonably sure (having exposed myself pretty thoroughly to academic atmospheric science, that they didn't fabricate it. I'm also reasonably sure that they aren't forthcoming with uncertainties, predictions, etc., for fear of losing funding and...
  7. optimusprime

    My girlfriend is gone until Friday night.

    But, for the love of god, spare the GT California.
  8. optimusprime

    Conspiracy Thread.

    That's not true! That's impossible!
  9. optimusprime

    From where would you rule the Earth/your empire?

    How about the magnetic south pole? I'm pretty sure no military in the world is equipped to conquer a south polar base.
  10. optimusprime

    Can someone explain to me why anyone wants to vote for McCain/Palin?

    A 50 trillion dollar unregulated insurance market is a good idea. Is this an insurance crisis? No. Is this a banking crisis? Yes. Are banks regulated? Yes. Q.E.D.
  11. optimusprime

    Conspiracy Thread.

    That's OK, the ability to think is beyond the skill-set of your average Kansan.
  12. optimusprime

    I've decided to get rid of my bad ways

    100+ on the interstate is fine IF and ONLY IF it's completely deserted, you have no passenger, and you understand that your hazard to life increases exponentially with speed. Have I personally (while wearing a helmet) exceeded 75mph over the speed limit in a race-prepped rally car (AKA safe at...
  13. optimusprime

    I've decided to get rid of my bad ways

    Don't be a dick in traffic. Don't drive at speeds beyond your ability and road conditions. The former includes running red lights, tailgating, and refusing to allow people to merge. The latter involves speeding moderately, since many car/road combinations aren't designed to be stable at above...
  14. optimusprime

    Conspiracy Thread.

    I think what you mean to say is that university education produces LESS open-minded individuals who lean a LOT left as a result of leftist indoctrination by bleeding-heart professors blathering unchecked. How many college-students for Obama did you hear saying "Oh, yeah, John McCain has the...
  15. optimusprime

    Where would you live?

    :+1: Switzerland is a lot of things America used to be. Too bad they require a bachelors degree to get a work permit, even if one has a relatively high-level job offer with BMW-Sauber.
  16. optimusprime

    from [12x03] free speech and negreps

    Obv. negreps have nothing to do with free speech or democracy. There's no negative effect, except for some small effect on reputation, of being negrepped. If, now, being negrepped resulted in banning, that's no dice.
  17. optimusprime

    Pepsi vs. Coke

    No Coke, Pepsi!
  18. optimusprime

    Scandalous San Diego Student Selling Sexual Virginity

    Because you touch yourself at night. (Think about it... [supply and demand {large political lobbies}])
  19. optimusprime

    Scandalous San Diego Student Selling Sexual Virginity

    This is the internet. The only women we've ever seen are in photographs.