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  1. Ymk

    Top Gear Lingo Americanized

    I know a decent portion of members here are located in the US, so here's a thread regarding the terms used on the show that don't quite match up when spoken across the pond. And I don't mean manufacturer regional differences (E.G. Toyota Hilux vs Toyota Tundra). For example: British - American...
  2. Ymk

    Random Photoshops

    Changed the overall shape, smoothed out some lines, new interior...
  3. Ymk

    Random Photoshops

  4. Ymk

    Top Gear done GTA style!!

    +1 for effort -2 for being boring
  5. Ymk

    $2 million for a....

    Uh oh, sounds like another "Redline" to me.
  6. Ymk

    Er ... Hamster, are you sure?

    Hammond has great taste, I'm extremely jealous.
  7. Ymk

    Gumball 2007 - Accident in Macedonia

    No idea what relevance your post has, or what you have to justify its obviously inflammatory nature Banii, but whatever. There is a lot of discussion available, over the very morality of holding such an event where tragedies like this can, and now do, occur. I'm certain that the next time Max...
  8. Ymk

    The Supercars love\hate poll !

    Lamborghinis are too understated and a desicration to their namesake. The Veyron is all numbers and more a piece of jewelery to be shown off than driven. Koenigsegg CCX is flat out insane and needlessly dangerous. Carrera GT has no passion or soul. Merc SLR is a big fat golfers car. Ferrari...
  9. Ymk

    Hammond's helmet - HE HAS IT!!!!

    I truly wish I had been more involved in the process, this is a great gesture and something we all should be proud of here. It's great to see Finalgear really showing how much it appreciates everything Hammond and all others at Top Gear have done for us. The online community is typically seen as...
  10. Ymk

    $2 million for a....

    These joke bids are getting alittle out of hand, $9,000,000?
  11. Ymk

    Team Polizei Photos from 2007 Gumball.

    The world gets smaller and smaller every year.
  12. Ymk

    No 56k: Grand Theft Auto IV

    I could kiss you.
  13. Ymk

    Calling all motorcyclists! I want one, need advice...

    First bike: Suzuki DR200 Second bike: Suzuki GS500E Third bike: Suzuki SV650-S Been a great progression so far, the DR200 was perfect when I was on my permit, too slow to go on freeways but it didn't matter because my permit didn't allow me to anyways. The GS500 gave me enough top-end to hit...
  14. Ymk

    Please explain the phrase 'this lady is not for turning'

    I always laugh a little even when just thinking about Clarkson saying, "No no no no no!" in his high pitched Thatcher-voice.
  15. Ymk

    Why James over Jason???

    That's the least helpful thread I've ever encountered.
  16. Ymk

    What do you think?

    postin in dis thread
  17. Ymk

    Murcielago Superleggera

    Rear wheel drive please.
  18. Ymk

    "Super" Mario Williams streetracing his LP640 against an '06 STi

    I guess it's reasonable to assume that the only reason he keeps that girl around is for bedroom antics, because she sure as hell couldn't provide a stimulating conversation if her life depended on it. Given those rims, I'd also assume the same about him.
  19. Ymk

    Does Jeremy Really Hate Us, Or Does He Secretly Love Us?

    Top Gear is popular mainly because of Jeremy's inflammatory remarks regarding just about everything. Why should America become an exception to this treatment? For I think of myself as a Californian more than an American, or as James put it, "We'd been warned by some American modernists - i.e...