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  1. clem

    Cars your family has owned over the years

    In fact, he can't buy anything but diesel... We are thinking differently on it... It wasn't an estate version, that was a metallic green sedan... ...good old Peugeot's diesel engine: no power but unbreakable :D
  2. clem

    Cars your family has owned over the years

    From the beginning: Dad: Citroen Diane Simca 1100 Fiat 131 Fiat Uno 60s ( the oldest I remember ) Peugeot 505 Grd Ford Sierra 2,3l D GT Fiat Croma 2,0 tdid Rover 825 SD Opel Omega 2,5l td VW passat 2,0l TDI Peugeot 406 2,0l HDI Renault Laguna Estate 2,0l DCI Opel Vectra GTS 2,0l DTI Volvo V70...
  3. clem

    My Mini Restoration Project

    nice one, and unusual color congratulations, nice job
  4. clem

    Car (and Motorcycle) register

    MINI Cooper 04' Peugeot 106 1.4 Quiksilver (eh...!):)
  5. clem

    Nurburgring Webcam

    Never noticed this thread, I try to catch good shots too... that's what I've seen today: then in the afternoon... :)
  6. clem

    The DMotor Subtitle Project [Check first post for links]

    Sorry I'm a bit too late on this... ...Could anybody help me by seeding ep 23 to 31 ? ( I'm stuck and I can see, i'm not the only one ) thanks guy EDIT: Sorry again, wrong thread and I found it on 95's...thanks
  7. clem

    Diecast Models

    here are some additions at 1/18 scale: the VW GOLF mkI GTI With the sister Peugeot 205 GTI 1.9l The racing version, Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 EVO II Gp B The CITROEN XSARA WRC 2004 Monte Carlo ( Driver: Loeb ) And a french tuned version of the Peugeot 206 CC ( PAROTECH, with a...
  8. clem

    next to my peugeot...

    I was thinking that german people was driving only bmw,VW and merc...:P ;) I went to seat to buy a brand new Ibiza but I could only afford a 100 hp... Does yours works well ?
  9. clem

    next to my peugeot...

    Hi It's been a long time since the last message on FG forum, I was quite busy with my job. As I show earlier I used to drive a Peugeot 106 Quiksilver (!) with a small 1.4l engine ( about 75 hp ) just enough to move this 850 kgs car. Here it is ( sorry I haven't got any good pictures of this...
  10. clem

    Official World Cup 2006 Thread?

    :thumbsdown: :cry: Congratulations Italia but WHAT was that thing with Zidane ? :wall:
  11. clem

    Official World Cup 2006 Thread?

    Allez les bleus ! :D
  12. clem

    The FISH site

    it's back ! :thumbsup:
  13. clem

    F430 VS 997 GT3

    would rather take the GT3 but I still want to see this ( in TopGear ...?) : VS :)
  14. clem

    Diecast Models

    are those all minichamps ? I love the 993 GT2... just bought one a week ago, a minichamps I'm going to take pics soon // edit: here are the pics // and bought for only 20 Euros...
  15. clem

    Why is there a Rally Car in New York???

    looks like a Mitsubishi evo to me...
  16. clem

    london.... its happening again

    sure. I'm so sorry for my neighbours :cry: :thumbsdown:
  17. clem

    Diecast Models

    I finally got it :D the Peugeot 205 GTI 1,9 by Solido and yeah, Faultier, this one is in 1/18 scale :P :D by Solido: the quality isn't as good as I tough, but still, I find it nice. Trasher, this 935 is really awesome but at this size it starts to be really expensive :cry: , I got...
  18. clem

    Need help in GT4

    try to catch the audi A4 DTM, just so amazing on the ring... without all that controls off, of course...
  19. clem

    I drove a 911 today!

    same here It's the same 911 as the one I drove on a racetrack. such an awesome car, and you said it: "really easy" But i didn't earn money tough :o
  20. clem

    Classic Car Show 2004 (the best of)

    I follow this thread but I was keeping my mouth closed... these Porsche are hot. especially the 911 convertible turbo look... :thumbsup: Please, keep on posting Porsche pics, these are so good looking... :)