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    Hammond incorrectly identified Shelby Mustang

    A person spotted a mistake, wanted to see if anyone else saw this (and to probably check that he hadn't gone mad), and thought this forum would be the best place. Strange attitude that some of the responses had; is it the holiday period doing something to people?
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    Lagging 720p videos while using computer / what needs upgrading ?

    Still a better solution then just buying new processor and new motherboard options which are being suggest at the moment....... since this can offload almost the entire HD processing your processor won't become the overhead/problem.
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    Jet Car For Sale

    BBC News link:
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    Britcar - TG vs 5G

    You'd want Top Gear to win just because of the effort and humour that they would bring, but at the end of the day Fifth Gear does have people who actually know how to do these sort of races and would win hands-down.
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    Lagging 720p videos while using computer / what needs upgrading ?

    What player are you running it on? You ideally want to be using Media Player Classic (MPC) with CoreAVC. Keep in mind that I haven't dabbled in HD playback in a while so the best combination of player and codec might have changed slightly - I recommend the doom9 forums for keeping up to date...
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    Peugeot advert - where the Indian guy reshapes his car

    That would actually be brilliant. Each of the presenters would have to buy a scrap car for ?100, and then turn it into a car that they have been assigned with for a challenge. And then of course race around a track with them :)
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    Best way to rip DVDs to .avi for newbie?

    *lots of words but some sense here hopefully!* Rip the DVD files using a program such as DVD Decrypter, which although old should still work with many DVDs. If you find that your DVD is problematic and DVD Decrypter is giving lots of error messages, that particular DVD may have newer copy...
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    Old age Clarkson

    It wasn't very funny, however I did like the 'this is a 1.2L thermos flask' part for some reason.
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    [Polar Challenge Special] July 25th, 2007

    I was also intrigued by the plane crash, and after a bit of digging around: Great stuff.
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    Which Mercedes are you?

    SLK and CLK.