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  1. Fangirl

    Hammond In Car Crash - (Now Moved from Leeds 28/09)

    My thoughts and prayers are with Richard and his friends and family right now. I heard a report that Richard regained consciousness in a news bulletin at 1pm but it is UNCONFIRMED> Will update when I know more.
  2. Fangirl

    Top Gear Presenters hijack Local radio!

    I live in the South and actually saw that!
  3. Fangirl


    The first episode follows the Top Gear Winter olympics, which airs at 9.10pm on Sunday 12th February on BBC2
  4. Fangirl

    James's Turn On Top of the Pops

    Aww, I thought James was great!
  5. Fangirl

    A Disturbing Clip

    Is that a gear lever or are you just happy to see me? Okay, I'll stop it now.
  6. Fangirl

    Which presenter do you identify yourself with?

    I'm quite like Jeremy in the way that I do make witty comments from time to time or just downright crushing ones (About as useful as a snooze button on a smoke alarm comes to mind - I say things like that all the time). I'm the same height as Richard and am very enthusiastic (My friends...
  7. Fangirl

    James May's book

    The book comes out the day after my birthday so I already have a post-birthday present lined up!
  8. Fangirl

    Anti-Clarkson Website

    Hahaha. That's the stupidest yet in it's way the most hilarious thing I've seen all day. It's a little sad that someone actually took the time to set that website up. It's pitiful really isn't it?
  9. Fangirl

    Richard hammond's 5 o'clock show

    The show is filmed live everyday. I'm going to see it on the 12th of January and the audience has to be there at 4.15 pm at the very least. I know how long it's been commissioned for but he definitely won't leaving Top Gear. At least, let's hope so. The show would lose all that chemistry and...
  10. Fangirl

    James May: Top Toys on BBC2 tonight 8pm

    Thanks for the link. Was I the only one whose heart sank at the 'My current girlfriend' bit? But still, nice entertaining little plug, and James' voice still makes me melt.
  11. Fangirl

    James May: Top Toys on BBC2 tonight 8pm

    Taped it, and watched it this morning despite being jet lagges and tired. Very amusing, don't you just love James when he wears that White T shirt?
  12. Fangirl

    Jason Dawe

    Waterlooville is a little outside Portsmouth. It is a lovely little town. Suburban and quiet enough to be peaceful but not hugely dull that you want to leave. Portsmouth is actually quite nice when you get to know it, it looks lovely in the dark all lit-up from Portsdown Hill. What did you find...
  13. Fangirl

    Jason Dawe

    I really wish that I knew which thread you were talking about - It sounds like high drama.
  14. Fangirl

    Jason Dawe

    I like a good catfight - *Chuckles to self*
  15. Fangirl

    Jason Dawe

    LOL. I joined literally about ten minutes ago. :D
  16. Fangirl

    Jason Dawe

    Yeah, I'm a girl. I'm trying to build up my posts, I am a huge fan but have just found this forum recently. X
  17. Fangirl

    Jason Dawe

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before but why did James May replace Jason Dawe? I didn't really watch the Jason episodes and much prefer James, but I've never known the reason. Thanks Meg x