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  1. The Insufferable Oaf

    model car: Middle East Special BMW Z3

    Outstanding job! Very nice to see all of them together... Regarding the pic of the car in The Lot...I can't believe they brought them home, figured they would have left them there.
  2. The Insufferable Oaf

    Was watching the second US Special and decided to do this today

    Methinks it is Coit, certainly seen bullitt, not to mention the Dirty Harry franchise...I miss the Chinese food, sourdough, and assorted foods of the Bay Area so much...ciopianno, what a mesmerizing dish ... I actually truly enjoyed it knowing The Lads had travelled roads I know! So much better...
  3. The Insufferable Oaf

    Was watching the second US Special and decided to do this today

    As someone who used to live there and knows the area quite well, I found it interesting how the freeway scenes were out of sequence as to where they actually were. I'm sure it happens all the time, but I found it kind of a cool inside look to production methods... Cool pics btb, next time I'm...
  4. The Insufferable Oaf

    Jeremy on Twitter?

    Yeah, I'm with mwf...with all this time, I would like something a bit better... I did like MidEast, but felt it lacking in something. But just to know they are filming is sweet. Been looking at the twitter now established as Jezza's and it's kinda fun...can see why you young kids like it lol...
  5. The Insufferable Oaf

    This needs to be on the show.

    You remember what May said to jez and hamster on the death road...I would say the same to those I was driving with! I hate bridges with a passion, and that open curb that allows water down (clearly necessary) allows for an unobstructed view of the sharp rocks that will shred your skin just after...
  6. The Insufferable Oaf

    Jeremy Tweets: Filming Starts Today for S19

    That's great news! I'm a yank, so all this is a bit new, but I was gutted to hear no real broadcasts are planned for this year...Xmas aside I suppose. It's cool though, to lay awake at night and WTF are they and so on...
  7. The Insufferable Oaf

    Best Top Gear Special?

    Ok, so I've watched them all several times since I voted...Africa and Bolivia are almost perfectly tied, followed closely by Vietnam, which if I'm honest wasn't my fave the first time I saw it, but it grew on me quickly. I guess specials are my favorite episodes, which makes sense as the epic...
  8. The Insufferable Oaf

    [15x04] July 18th, 2010

    To be honest, the caravan bit was quite good the first couple times I viewed it. James laughter at Jezza's rig actually led me to take a knee I was laughing so fucking hard! It was interesting to me to see the Andy Garcia interview, because they are generally different than the "starmill"...
  9. The Insufferable Oaf


    Howdy folks, Jake from Oregon here. Found the lads on YouTube looking for 458 vids and have become quite enamored. Really enjoy the things I've read here in terms of learning more about the show and such, genuinely enjoy that, so thanks.
  10. The Insufferable Oaf

    [16x00] December 26th, 2010 [Middle East Special]

    I'm actually viewing this episode now, thanks Netflix!, but of course have seen it before and love it. Botswana and Bolivia are certainly class of the crop, but this is hugely entertaining and interesting to see. As an American, we are not traditionally shown the peaceful bits of the mid...
  11. The Insufferable Oaf

    Best Top Gear Special?

    They're all really terrific, but the Africa one was tops for me.