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  1. iongerm

    Richard's Morrison's comericial

    Well, of course this is totally depending on the lifestyle of this person, in which case you are obviously right- 5000 supercars a year is not greedy and need to be paid for somehow.
  2. iongerm

    Richard's Morrison's comericial

    Totally gone off him on that one! He's got no good reason to do this ( I think he's getting paid quite a lot by the BBC), other than greed. No way he would be shopping in Morrisons himself- which doesn't make it more believable.
  3. iongerm

    [11x01] June 22nd, 2008

    I gave it an 8! The supercars were quite entertaining and so I think was most of the programme! I really can't understand why everyone is slagging off the SIRPC- if you think that was too long, boring and awful, what the heck was the James Blunt one like? Stuntman was ok- I think it's better...
  4. iongerm

    [11x01] June 22nd, 2008

    Thanks EGO for that quick summary :D
  5. iongerm

    [11x01] June 22nd, 2008

    Who was the other guest apart from Alan Carr?
  6. iongerm

    [11x01] June 22nd, 2008

    Sorry, was on a train- who were the guests? Anyone please give us a quick brief? Please :clap:
  7. iongerm

    New Blog from Andy Wilman on the upcoming series!!

    :hmm::hmm:No mention of Captain Slow... :hmm:
  8. iongerm

    TG going to Japan

    Dito, it kind of must be the bullet train vs. some form of car... The bullet trains are so famous for being fast and efficient, that JC must see this as a challange to race....
  9. iongerm

    Other Random Car Sightings [Photo Required]

    Nissan Cube on Finchley Central High Street- man, what an ugly car that is!
  10. iongerm

    Top Garden Ground Gear Force [March 14th, 2008]

    JC is so not the "I shoot trees" type- he shoots foxes, but not trees. It was rubbish- not because it was scripted, but because the 3 blokes are TV presenters, not actors. Which made it extremely annoying to watch. We all know that they are not that stupid, so it was all a bit too silly for my...
  11. iongerm


    I am totally against anyone holding a phone whilst driving, so JC's behaviour is inexcusable. I bet the only reason why this made it on the fornt cover though, is due to the fact that JC and Piers Morgan hate each other- in which case I would say that we now have a 1-1. Remember JC punching...
  12. iongerm

    New TG DVD out 3rd March

  13. iongerm

    "Hammers are the tools of Pikey's."-Who said it?

    Has anyone noticed that this "Hammer's are Clarkson's favourite tools" thing is quietly but persistantly continued by the creators of the show? In the Africa special, when JC's Lancia breaks down for 100th time just after they have left the Safari Park, you can see JC holding a hammer when...
  14. iongerm

    Clarkson Quiz

  15. iongerm

    Shalom and Welcome!?

    Well, my Jewish bosses drive a Range Rover and a Porsche 911... but maybe that's what London does to Jewish people there. There is definetly no Mazda in sight!
  16. iongerm

    Audi R8 tonight in Soho, London

    Spotted it in the back streets of China Town tonight- everyone was looking at it. Every 2 seconds someone else stopped and looked. Such a stunner! Sorry, I seem not able to upload the picture in the text box- so please see avatar.
  17. iongerm

    [Polar Challenge Special] July 25th, 2007

    yes, there is nothing wrong with the sun, but that wasn't my point... but aparentely waking up on day 2 the "every morning" seems totally out of context...
  18. iongerm

    [Polar Challenge Special] July 25th, 2007

    Thanks to TV channel "Dave" I've seen the "light" version a lot recently, and there is one thing (sorry to sound so petty, but after a while this got really annoying): It's the "sun not going down" joke with "8pm day 1" .... sun stays the same... "8am day2". And then we see Hammond saying: "This...
  19. iongerm

    Something you fanatics seem to have missed!

    Well, I was wondering when the screaming would start...
  20. iongerm

    [10x06] November 18th, 2007

    I get the feeling for some of you they will never get it right. When there is cocking about, you want to see Powwwerrrrr, and when there are cars with Powwwwerrrrr you find it all a bit dry and boring. Well, I liked it. Not every episode will be to everyone's taste, but the be quite frank, this...